Voyager™ IoT Management

Powerful IoT Data Connection Management with Voyager™ by Datablaze

Take control of your data connections with industry-leading tools. Voyager™ provides the most versatile, powerful system for managing data connections across any size deployment. 

Live IoT Data Dashboard

voyager iot management

The Voyager™ Dashboard offers a real-time, intelligent view of all of your data connections in a user-friendly layout. At-a-glance be able to understand your current and past usage.

  • View Upload/Download usage by day or month
  • See how many connections are using each call plan
  • Easily identify and act on the highest data users
  • View SIM connection totals by day or month
  • Get real-time current cycle charges on a call plan level

Features for Complete IoT Data Transparency

Voyager™ gives you complete visibility to all of your connections in real-time. From data usage to current charges you have control over your connections at any time, from anywhere.

  • Activate, suspend, or terminate connections quickly and easily
  • Troubleshoot data connections
  • Change call plans on a single connection or a batch of connections
  • Identify heavy users to reduce or eliminate overage fees
  • Data optimization with Datablaze AI
iot data management software
transparency in iot data billing

Transparent IoT Billing

Voyager™ relieves the stress of calculating confusing data service invoices. Tired of having to be an accountant when it’s time to pay the bill? Let Voyager™ handle that for you.

  • Invoicing that simply and accurately explains monthly charges
  • Direct Excel Spreadsheet exports for easy custom calculations
  • Breakdowns by customizable lables and groups
  • Detailed charges with no guess-work

Manage Geographic Connections

Integrated devices come with a long list of features and technology to make your IoT deployment a success. GPS technology is embedded in countless IoT solutions. Take advantage of GPS location technology with Voyager™.

  • Live GPS Tracking on a wide range of solutions all on one platform
  • Location-based data for feature-rich reports
  • Location history and animated playback
  • Easy Geo-fencing capabilities
  • GPS location alerting for real-time management
real-time data access with iot management

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