Datablaze and harley davidson launch motogps in las vegas!

This summer, DataBlaze and Harley Davidson make sharing your love of the open road easier than ever. With the addition of MotoGPS from DataBlaze you’ll be able to watch other members of your group in real-time via live mapping. Emilee Faulkner, sales manager at DataBlaze says the initial launch will focus on the Las Vegas market. She said, “We are very excited to team up with Harley Davidson to launch our MotoGPS platform! It will revolutionize the way riders share their experience.” DataBlaze is an industry leader in the world of GPS tracking. Their innovative graphic interface makes tracking your motorcycle easier than ever.

MotoGPS is a real-time GPS tracking platform that allows users to share their location, ride statistics, trip details and more via social media. All of this can be updated in two second increments. It also provides security features such as ignition kill and device location tracking. According to, stolen motorcycles are less likely to be recovered. The insurance company says, “the stolen-motorcycle recovery rate is quite low: only about 30 percent, compared with roughly 60 percent for cars.” If your bike is stolen, simply shut off the ignition and follow the live mapping function to find your ride! Don’t be a statistic!

This summer, make MotoGPS and Harley Davidson a part of your good times! If you ride alone or in a large group, nothing makes riding more fun than sharing your experiences with your friends and family.