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Datablaze drives further into M2M space with new Cradlepoint Partnership

Datablaze has announced a new partnership with Cradlepoint, an industry leading cloud-delivered LTE solutions provider. This partnership is not just sanctioned by location- though both companies have chosen to call the Boise, Idaho area home- but by the vision for integration they share.

Cradlepoint has proven itself a formidable leader in the network connectivity space. A quick look into their trophy case would show the magnitude to which their technology has been endorsed by the market. They have won awards such as 2018 SD-WAN Market Leader and 2016 IoT Breakthrough Award Winner.

Dustin Gooden, VP of IoT at Datablaze is no stranger to Cradlepoint’s illustrious reputation, having worked for Cradlepoint in years past, in several roles, he’s remained a proponent. Dustin had the following to say about the partnership: “I’m really excited about what this partnership represents. Cradlepoint’s ability to provide unparalleled support to its customer falls directly in-line with our focus. Beyond that, this partnership will create a fierce competitor within the IoT space, a competitor whose primary focus is on that of the value placed on the customer and their needs. The industry needs companies with the ability to act quickly and be nimble, not react and tell you the fix is on a roadmap, scheduled for 2020. Combined, we have a lot of really bright people focused on customer needs. Stay tuned!”

Datablaze will be utilizing the “all-inclusive NetCloud Solution Packages” Cradlepoint provides and pairing it with their innovative M2M solutions. Clients should expect some impressive solutions from these two top-tier tech companies working together to fulfill the needs of IoT customer applications.

About Datablaze

Datablaze LLC (“Datablaze”) is on the forefront of IoT connectivity and kitted solutions with a large base of customers and subscribers, both domestically and internationally. Datablaze has active M2M and IoT deployments in over 125 countries. Working directly with the world’s leading cellular carriers has ensured Datablaze stays on the leading edge IoT product launches and integrations worldwide. Datablaze provides 2G/3G/4G-LTE/CATM connectivity and management, with both Web and API access, allowing accurate and simple billing, and with the added benefits of cost management across deployments. Datablaze supports multi-carrier deployments, smart sims, dual SIMs and smart switching between carriers for optimal cost savings. To learn more about Datablaze, visit or connect on LinkedIn.