gps tracking technology – possibly a lifesaver for alzheimer’s and dementia

The advancement in GPS tracking technology has been nothing short of miraculous. We can track our teen drivers, our fleet of company vehicles, or even our luggage while travelling. One of the most exciting aspects of this technology involves victims of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, three out of five people with Alzheimer’s Disease will wander off at some point as their disease progresses. The association goes on to point out that if the person is not found within 24 hours, up to half of these individuals will suffer serious injury or death.

If you’re concerned about one of your loved ones wandering away from safety and into danger, DataBlaze’s GPS tracking solutions can provide you with that extra peace of mind should the unthinkable occur. Emilee Faulkner, Sales Manager at DataBlaze said, “I really can’t think of many better uses for our personal tracking technology than keeping our family members safe…from teen drivers, to those suffering from memory related disorders.”

The size of today’s trackers has made them more user friendly than ever. Consider the BlackHawk with the dependable service only Verizon can provide. This unit is only 3 inches tall and less than 2 inches thick. Smaller than a deck of playing cards! When paired with a Velcro holster, it’s very unobtrusive and makes tracking virtually hassle free. If you’re worried getting lost in their vehicle, it can be mounted in a magnetic case for ease of use in that case as well.

Units of this type can be tracked to within 6 feet depending on how you set it up. The easy to use map-based interface allows you the opportunity to see exactly where the device, and your loved one, or their vehicle is, always. If you feel like you have a loved one that could benefit from this technology, you’re probably right. Trust your instincts and take advantage of the advances in GPS tracking devices. It may save the life of someone you love.