Connectivity for Managed Mobility Service Providers

Handheld Scanner Connectivity

Managed Mobility Services (MMS) is the procurement, deployment and management of mobile devices used within an organization for its daily operations. A managed mobility service provider (MMSP) takes the role of, or supports an existing IT department, by providing these services to help relieve the expense of mobile management for mid-size to large companies.

Mobile devices, such as handheld scanners and tablet devices, typically will connect wirelessly via WiFi or cellular networks. When mobile devices are used out in the field, cellular connectivity typically is the best option. By using cellular connectivity, the mobile devices can connect to the cloud anywhere there is wireless service.

To provide optimal cellular services for clients, a managed mobility service provider may use Voyager, a connectivity management platform developed by Datablaze. This platform will allow an organization to manage any number of SIM subscriptions for each client and manage the corresponding data plans. Key features include alerts to know when devices are about to go over data limits, and the ability to activate and cancel SIM subscriptions. Furthermore, the platform allows MMSPs to offer just about any major cellular carrier around the world. This gives MMSPs versatility in the services they provide for clients, regardless of where the client’s devices are deployed.

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About Datablaze

Datablaze is at the forefront of IoT connectivity and fully managed service solutions with a large base of customers and subscribers, both domestically and internationally. Datablaze has active M2M and IoT deployments in over 125 countries. By working directly with the world’s top cellular carriers to build leading-edge IoT products and integrations, Datablaze continues to deliver successful customer-driven deployments globally. Datablaze provides 2G/3G/4G-LTE/5G/NB-IoT/CAT-M connectivity and management, with web, mobile, and API access. Accurate and simple reporting allows better downstream billing and cost management across deployments. Datablaze supports multi-carrier deployments, smart sims, multi-carrier SIMs and smart switching between carriers for optimal coverage and cost savings. To learn more about Datablaze, visit or connect on LinkedIn.

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