Everywhere At Once – Improving Business Results Via IoT Productivity

Even though the average consumer may not realize it, so much of the things they use and buy are provided in whole or part by Internet of Things (IoT) systems. IoT systems are used to make the goods we use, improve the services we utilize, and even improve the quality of our homes.

And with that kind of presence, combined with the range of functionality and capabilities that IoT systems provide, it’s not hard to see why the increasing use of applications like these has led to a dramatic increase in IoT productivity across a range of industries.

The Business Value of IoT

Of course, for businesses, productivity is mostly defined financially – the ability to maximize output while keeping costs as low as possible. And it’s in exactly that kind of environment where IoT applications shine.

IoT systems bring productivity gains to businesses in a number of ways, across a wide range of industries like:

  • Oil and Gas – Industrial IoT systems automate everything from devices on the factory floor to pipeline management. And they not only monitor things, they can act on them too – for example, IoT devices in midstream pipelines are able to sense pressures and volumes in different areas of the pipeline, and change the direction and rate of flow as needed. On the factory floor, IoT devices are able to visually inspect parts as they move down the assembly line, and then use that visual information to direct the actions of robotic devices working on those same parts further down the line.
  • Agribusiness – In the dairy industry, some dairy providers use IoT devices attached to cows to learn everything about a given herd from the average body temps of the animals to their stress and nutritional levels, in order to maximize milk production. And IoT has even made it’s way into the greenhouse – some businesses use IoT devices to sort produce once it’s picked and placed on an assembly line, much more efficiently than any previous method, and decreasing sorting and packaging costs significantly.
  • Medicine – By now, most everyone is at least familiar with the concept of wearable devices to monitor performance for exercise and fitness. But in the medical world, IoT devices take that a step further. IoT devices monitor everything from a patient’s heart rate to their cholesterol and blood glucose levels. They can then alert on dangerous conditions and emergencies, and even adjust medication levels on the fly for devices like insulin pumps. This not only provides a great deal of efficiency and productivity, but can directly save lives as well.
  • Home Automation – And productivity is not just something that matters to industry. The use of IoT for home automation uses provides everything from energy management to food inventory management, lawn care and home security, to name just a few uses. This in turn allows individuals to focus more time on what matters to them.

Laying the Foundation

The key to a successful IoT environment lies not just in the types of devices utilized, or the software to control them, but also in the network and infrastructure that supports the application. More than most any other type of application, IoT applications require a strong supporting network infrastructure in order to realize their full potential.

And that’s where we come in. Datablaze focuses exclusively on providing a complete environment and infrastructure to support your IoT applications, allowing you to focus on maximizing the insights and performance realized from your IoT application.

Contact us today to talk about how to increase IoT productivity and your company’s bottom line.

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