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Datablaze offers complete IoT scalability by providing the best IoT SIM card and data plan for each device in your IoT deployment - plus manage all your devices in one data management platform.

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IoT SIM cards allow IoT devices to connect to cellular networks just about anywhere around the world. Although many IoT applications are mobile some are fixed and only require minimal data usage. Since every application is different, being able to choose your IoT data plan and carrier can ensure connectivity in every location needed and reduce costs.

Datablaze allows you to choose the best network for each IoT device you deploy. Whether you have ten SIMs or thousands, single-carrier or multi-carrier, you will also have exclusive access to Voyager, Datablaze’s IoT management platform.

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What is an IoT SIM Card?

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IoT SIM cards, also known as M2M, or machine-to-machine, SIM cards, are designed for devices that send and receive data across cellular networks to other devices or device management platforms. Since these devices are only transmitting data a M2M SIM card uses a cellular data plan. In most IoT deployments multiple devices will be connected each with individual SIM cards. These SIM cards and data plans can be activated, controlled, and fully managed in a SIM management platform.

Datablaze IoT SIM cards are available IoT data plans including 4G/LTE, 5G, NB-IoT, LTE-M (Cat M1) network options making them compatible with thousands of wireless IoT devices.

M2M SIM Security

An IoT SIM data plan from Datablaze will have the option to use dynamic or static IP addresses. Static IP addresses provide a secure way of connecting to wireless devices that my need maintenance, pushed updates or need hardware configuration.

To connect wireless IoT devices securely a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is often used. This will ensure more sensitive data being transmitted to and from the device is encrypted. This blocks users outside the network from intercepting or interpreting the data. With IoT SIMs you can connect to your devices through a VPN for a more secure connection.

SIM Card Form Factors

Wireless devices are designed to accept a specific size SIM card. In most cases our SIM cards are shipped as a 3-in-1 card with the ability to work with any of these 3 sizes.

eSIM – Also known as an embedded SIM card, are built into the IoT device. The SIM is embedded within the device by the OEM therefore, the card is not removable or interchangeable.

All-in-One SIM Management Platform

Datablaze Voyager SIM Management Platform

Voyager is designed by Datablaze for Datablaze customers. Get the necessary data management tools needed to deploy a successful IoT project. If your application requires further integration for device management, our team of developers and IoT experts are available to bring your application to completion.

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