Private Cellular Network Solutions

Datablaze PLTE as-a-service provides a secure, low-latency private cellular network for your IoT devices.

Deploying wireless connectivity in large facilities or even small cities can be difficult or nearly impossible with traditional Wi-Fi. With a wide area to cover and the need of better security, organizations are moving to private cellular network solutions like Private LTE (PLTE). Private LTE provides the scalability and security needed for organizations to deploy a wireless connection in areas such as large distribution centers, hospitals, and government facilities.

Private Networks

The Datablaze MPLTE 1000 Series is a complete private cellular LAN solution for use at temporary locations such as base sites for law enforcement and fire departments, construction, and mobile events.

A Cellular Network for Enterprise and the Public Sector

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What is Private LTE?

Private LTE is like the public cellular networks provided by major carriers, but with added security, cost-savings, and control. This allows an organization to scale their wireless connection and have complete control over the wireless wide-area network without recurring payments to a carrier. Furthermore, devices connected to a PLTE network uses SIM card technology providing an added layer of device authentication.

How Does Private LTE Work?

A Private LTE network uses a core network or Evolved Packet Core (EPC) allowing an organization to scale network functions and Quality of Service (QoS). Since these networks are more robust compared to 2GHz and 5GHz WiFi technology, they operate on various spectrums that could require licensing. Although recently the FCC approved the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) bands to be accessed in the United States making it even easier for an organization to utilize private cellular technology.

Private LTE Diagram

To utilize the CBRS spectrum, a Spectrum Access System (SAS) is required to complete a private LTE network system. This allows the network to check in with the SAS and grant access to mid-band CBRS spectrum. While operating, the SAS continues to ensure an approved spectrum is being used at all times and avoid any interference. Although CBRS systems are rapidly becoming popular there still are a few different ways to utilize private LTE technology.

Cellular Spectrums

Licensed Spectrum

Carriers can allocate certain frequencies to third-parties or carriers can operate under licensed spectrums as a service.

Shared Spectrum

The end-user can take advantage of publicly available spectrums such as CBRS with minor licensing requirements.

Unlicensed Spectrum

The end-user may choose to utilize unlicensed spectrums such as the 5 GHz frequency band, the same used by 5 GHz WiFi equipment. Some variants of unlicensed LTE are known as LTE-U, LAA and MulteFire.

Datablaze and Private Networks

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