Vehicle Tracking Devices

Track Vehicles and Small Commercial Fleets with Datablaze Vehicle Trackers

Vehicle Tracking Devices

GPS vehicle tracking devices are configured and ready to locate and protect your vehicles with reliable reporting anytime it’s needed. GPS devices can withstand everyday use with long lasting batteries and trustworthy cellular LTE connectivity.

Long Battery Life

For unpowered assets choose to use battery operated GPS devices for tracking.

Cellular Connectivity

GPS trackers use cellular technology designed for extreme reliability yet use minimal power for a longer battery life.

Accurate Reporting

Choose how frequently you want the GPS vehicle tracker to report. Vehicle GPS asset trackers can report additional data such as speed and ignition status.


Vehicle tracking devices can be installed just by hardwiring or connected via an OBD connector.

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GPS Asset Tracking Software

Our GPS tracking devices are configured and ready to use with Datablaze’s user friendly GPS tracking software. From GPS history to intelligent, meaningful reports, we have you covered for all of your GPS asset tracking needs.

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