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Datablaze is a leader in law enforcement and private investigation covert GPS tracking solutions. We provide custom data plans so you have the ability to know where your assets are every 5 to 10-seconds. Contact us today for hardware rates and a free software demo.

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The Bolt 4G GPS Device

Tough jobs need durable products, and we’ve got you covered. Our product integration department selects the best most reliable units with the best coverage and technology. The Bolt 4G is the latest in GPS tracking technology and design.

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$25/month 1 minute updates

$35/month 10 second updates

$45/month 5 second updates

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Get dialed in with our searchable history that can pull addresses and dates. Watch previous GPS history with our animation feature. All the data you need right at your fingertips with a backlog of up to one year. GPS asset tracking is accurate and simple!

Industry Leading Law Enforcement GPS Tracking Features

Our IoT management platform is user friendly with step-by-step instructions and training. From GPS history to intelligent, meaningful reports, we have you covered for all of your GPS asset tracking needs.

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