IoT Sensor Kits

Start monitoring your crucial assets with Datablaze ThingSense IoT sensor kits.

ThingSense IoT Sensors

IoT sensor kits make automated monitoring easier and more reliable than ever before.


Need a custom IoT Kit?

The ThingSense Basic Refrigeration Kit monitors temperature and humidity inside one refrigerator and one freezer. This kit works immediately, just plug it in and start monitoring.

The ThingSense Advanced Restaurant Kit monitors temperature and humidity in three refrigerators or freezers, monitors door open/closed in two locations, monitors water leaks in two locations, and monitors air quality. 

Power Packed ThingSense Kits Include

4G/LTE Coverage

ThingSense operates on the 4G/LTE network, offering the highest level of coverage and up time.​

Wireless Sensors

Thanks to our wireless sensors with a battery life of up to 3 years, install is a breeze!​


The Datablaze IoT portal provides industry leading reports, historical data, alerts, and more.​

4G/LTE Coverage

Our LoRaWAN Gateway's are pre-configured, with no wires, and no setup required. Just plug it in!​

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Why switch to automated monitoring?

$ 1 B
Cost of Waste to food service businesses in the US
1 %
Preventing food waste saves restaurant costs up to 6%
1 Tons
of food is sent to landfills annually

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