ThingSense – Advanced Restaurant Kit

Advanced Restaurant Kit

The ThingSense Advanced Restaurant Kit monitors temperature and humidity in three refrigerators or freezers, monitors door open/closed in two locations, monitors water leaks in two locations, and monitors air quality. With the easiest installation in the industry, you’ll be monitoring your restaurant in minutes.

Product Description

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Protect your business

Loss Prevention

Losing produce, meat, and other costly product is painful. Continuous monitoring offers peace-of-mind and saves money.

Time Savings

Manual temperature and humidity readings are time consuming and prone to human error. Reliable, continuous monitoring saves time and increases accuracy.

Compliance Simplicity

Continuous, accurate monitoring provides the most simple compliance for HACCP, CDC, and EPA regulations.

ThingSense - Restaurant & Food Service

Easy Install

Installing a complete IoT kit can be difficult, until now! Our ThingSense IoT Kits offer the easiest installation in the industry. Plug it in and it works!


Accurate and continuous temperature monitoring that alerts you immediately when outside a set a temperature range.

Door Monitoring

Receive alerts immediately when a door is opened or closed. Always know when your freezer/refrigerator door is open and for how long.

Advanced Restaurant Kit

4G/LTE Coverage

ThingSense operates on the 4G/LTE network, offering the highest level of coverage and up time. ​


Set Humidity ranges to be alerted any time your refrigerator or freezer's humidity is above or below the range.

Water Leak

Catch water leaks before they cause damage. Whether a sink, dishwasher, or water heater, water leaks are no joke! Get alerted on the first drop.

Easiest Install in the Industry

Basic IoT Refrigeration Kit

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Power on the Kit

Plug the Gateway and Modem into a power outlet, then insert the batteries into the sensors. 

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