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With a fanatical emphasis on customer support and retention, Datablaze’s sole focus is working with customers to define a Roadmap with their needs in mind. Datablaze is on the forefront of IoT connectivity and kitted solutions with a large base of customers and subscribers, both domestically and internationally, each customer playing a critical role in the release in new tools and features.

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Lance Hilton


"The customer is always my priority."

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Cameron Powell


"Let's build some product and solve some problems"

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Dustin Gooden

VP of IoT, Channel

"Tell me Voyager can't do something and it will be done in 2 weeks"

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Worldwide Connectivity

Datablaze has active M2M and IoT deployments in over 125 countries. Working directly with the world’s leading cellular carriers has ensured Datablaze stays on the leading edge IoT product launches and integrations worldwide.

Multi Carrier Broadband Integration

Datablaze provides 2G/3G/4G-LTE/CATM/NB connectivity and management, with both Web and API access, allowing accurate and simple billing, and with the added benefits of cost management across deployments.

Complete Control of Your Data

Integrated Remote Management Systems allow for control over your products deployed in the field. Datablaze supports multi-carrier deployments, smart sims, dual SIMs and smart switching between carriers for optimal cost savings.

Learn About ThingSense IoT Sensors


ThingSense is a module within the Datablaze Voyager™ IoT management software that has the ability to monitor an infinite amount of IoT sensors and custom endpoints. The sensors relay information to the Voyager™ platform for dashboard display with drill-down capabilities.



ThingSense is designed to track IoT devices that need to be managed and measured. If your business needs to know what’s happening with your IoT endpoints, Datablaze’s ThingSense can offer businesses a significant advantage.



As the uses and benefits of IoT continue to expand, companies will need ways to track these devices. Whether it’s tracking a shipment or monitoring environmental conditions, organizations need to know what is happening at the edges of their business. It will become a mandatory necessity to track devices if companies want to perform optimally, save money, and stay efficient. Below are a few examples of how ThingSense can help enterprises be more productive and cost-effective.



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Allan Jerman
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I have used the data blaze trackers and absolutely love them. The interface is very easy to use. The blackhawk tracker works great for monitoring my employees and where they are and have taken the company vehicles.
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