About Datablaze

Datablaze – Custom IoT Solutions – GPS Tracking Solutions

Datablaze offers a complete end-to-end solution for all of your asset trackingfleet management, custom IoT solutions, and SIM management needs. Datablaze also offers the ability to customize your application with custom software development.



This means your map views, reports, and fleet management can be tailored to your needs. Always know where your most valuable assets are located with our real-time mapping solution. Integrated with Google Maps, monitoring and tracking your devices have never been easier.


Datablaze’s web portal offers a unique advantage for security and surveillance services with real-time tracking, instant GPS mapping capabilities, geo-fencing, event notifications, smartphone apps, and more. With the Datablaze web portal a customer can view an individual device or a large group of devices at once on one map in satellite and hybrid views using Google’s mapping technologies. An added benefit to using Datablaze for security, surveillance, and fleet management is our customized notification system which allows one or several people to be notified at one time or in a notification sequence with any changes to the device’s location via email or text messaging.



All of our real-time tracking devices are of the strictest manufacturing standards and designed to perform in action so they will not let you down. Datablaze is serious about offering the level of up time and security that is expected of any mission critical online web application.

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