Datablaze Voyager is a leader in IoT Device Management Platforms on G2
All-In-One Connectivity Management Platform
by Datablaze

Centralized Wireless Connectivity Management

Unify your IoT devices and wireless connectivity data to gain control and insightful analytics for cost optimization.

Intuitive Connectivity and Endpoint Management

Unify Carriers

Scalable device management and multiple carrier support.

Combine multiple cellular data plans from different carriers into one platform for easy data and SIM management. Choose from top cellular carriers and assign devices to the most cost-effective plan.

Optimize Data

Optimize data usage and lower costs with actionable insights.

Voyager gives all the tools to manage, troubleshoot, and optimize your data connections. Intelligent analytics and automation give the ability to optimize your data plans with little effort.

Connect Devices

Cellular connectivity at global scale.

Utilize existing cellular networks to ensure devices are connected to a reliable network no matter where they are deployed.

Control Deployment

Self-service device management platform.

Get full 24/7 control over your IoT devices, data usage and subscriptions. Immediately activate, suspend, and terminate SIMs within the platform.

Cellular Connectivity

You have global connectivity options.

No need to chase down carriers and negotiate rates. We have you covered with 5G to LTE-M and NB-IoT cellular connectivity from over 600 operators! Choose the best plan and carrier based on your device usage and its location.

Endpoint Management

Integrate with Industry Leading Devices

Manage your connected endpoints and connectivity all from ONE platform.

We’ve partnered with the best device manufacturers for fast and easy deployment.

Datablaze Endpoint Management

Data Pooling

Devices with active SIMs can share from a single data pool.

Each endpoint (SIM) can be assigned to a data pool. For an example if you have 10 devices assigned to a 1 GB plan each of those devices will pull from a 10 GB pool. This way if some devices use less than 1 GB within a month and another device uses more than 1GB that device can consume any data left over to help avoid overages.

5G SIM Card


Consolidate and simplify wireless billing.

Tired of having to be an accountant when it’s time to pay the bill? Eliminate having to log into multiple carrier accounts for invoicing. View all wireless charges across all carriers in one easy to read dashboard and invoice.

IoT Connectivity Multitenant Billing


Down stream billing with multitenant features.

Multitenant features provide IT businesses with the capabilities to conveniently manage multiple separate entities from one platform. Each user or tenant can have their own accounts and access only devices that they are authorized to. This saves resources by avoiding unnecessary costs and time of having to input each user separately. Furthermore, billing can be down streamed to clients for easy billing of data usage.

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IoT Connectivity Management

Full Stack IoT

Gain end-to-end visibility over your IoT deployment.

Ensuring a reliable and consistent network connection is key to a successful IoT application. Datablaze has developed its platform around various methods of connectivity including cellular, WiFi and LoRaWAN making it a central platform for IoT device management. For even more control, integrate other business operations through a comprehensive API suite.

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