Wireless Solutions for MSPs and SIs

The tools you need to better support your customer’s wireless deployments and add new revenue streams with reliable connectivity solutions.

Connectivity and endpoint management built for the IT professionals.

Managed Connectivity Services

Centrally manage 4G/LTE, 5G, NB-IoT, Cat-M connectivity in one platform.

VOYAGER gives you complete visibility to all your connections. From data usage to current and estimated charges, you have control over your wireless connections at any time, from anywhere.

Manage SIMs From Any Network Carrier

Voyager Main Dashboard

Full visibility of deployed endpoints for increased technician efficiency.

Simplify troubleshooting and maintenance of remote devices by eliminating the need of multiple logins and platforms. Integrate various device brands, view insightful connection status and history, and assign custom tags for easy filtering.

Integrate with Industry Leading Devices

Solution Brief

Improve Productivity and Customer Support with Endpoint Management

Enhanced Features for Seamless Wireless Management

Improve Customer Service and Make Support Teams More Efficient

Tier-1 level support tools and analytics helps your technicians fulfill new deployments as well as evaluate and diagnose equipment issues quickly. Users gain valuable insights into their connected endpoints. Stay informed about each endpoint’s status, online availability, connected SIM card details, signal strength, and even specific device information like IMEI and MAC addresses.

Support Agent Using Voyager

Consolidate and Simplify Wireless IoT Billing

VOYAGER™ IoT Management relieves the stress of calculating confusing data service invoices. Even with multiple carrier accounts and data plans, consolidate your billing into one, easy to read invoice.

  • Invoicing that simply and accurately explains monthly charges
  • Direct Excel spreadsheet exports for easy custom calculations
  • Breakdowns by customizable labels and groups
  • Detailed charges with no guesswork.
IoT Connectivity Multitenant Billing

Multi-Tenant Management for Increased Revenue Opportunities

Multi-tenant features provide IT businesses with the capability to conveniently manage multiple separate entities from one platform. Each user, or tenant, can access only the devices and subscriptions that they are authorized to. Furthermore, wireless costs can be passed on to clients for easy billing.

Open New Streams of Recurring Revenue

At Datablaze, we empower our partners to enhance their business growth by offering a seamless solution for delivering comprehensive LTE/5G plans to their clients. Our goal is to help you add a valuable and sustainable source of recurring revenue.

By integrating Datablaze’s connectivity solutions into your IT portfolio, you and your customers can harness the full potential of our cutting-edge technology, all while boosting your company’s profitability. Moreover, with the ability to white label Datablaze’s connectivity solutions, you can present a unified brand image, creating a valuable asset that will be approved by your sales and marketing teams.

White Paper

The Business Guide to Cellular Connectivity

Guide to Cellular Connectivity

Failover Solutions

Another way that you can extract even more value out of our technology is by providing branch continuity and internet failover. Especially for businesses that are highly dependent on their digital assets and information infrastructure, downtime is dead money. Improve their availability rates by making sure they never go offline.

Our connectivity package enables you to configure a complete failure solution for your IT services. You can troubleshoot with cellular out-of-band management while also providing a hybrid WAN solution with cellular backup, router redundancy, and protection against network spikes.

VOYAGER prevents costly overages by monitoring usage on these plans as well as automating plan changes and the switch back to the primary connection.

Wireless Plans to Best Fit Your Customers

A wide range of cellular data plans can be managed through VOYAGER including:

  • Fixed Wireless (FWA)
  • Business Internet
  • Pooled Data
  • Unlimited

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