Improve Productivity and Customer Support with Endpoint Management

Learn how MSPs, SIs and IT professionals can create new revenue opportunities and improve customer support.

Save up to 40% on data plans after optimizing with Voyager.

The Datablaze Voyager cellular connectivity and endpoint management solution is tailor-made for managed service providers (MSPs), systems integrators (SI) and IT professionals who work with the Internet of Things (IoT) and remote assets. Voyager solves common problems like supporting an increasing number of managed devices that are built by numerous manufacturers and feature a diverse set of technologies, as well as simplifying the burden of too many accounts and credentials. It also streamlines integration across platforms and devices. Voyager is a game-changer for the connected future of tomorrow that we’re building today.
On top of that, Voyager optimizes cellular data plans, both across carriers and by preventing overages on backup data plans with real-time monitoring and automation tools. This helps MSPs provide their customers with substantial cost savings while simultaneously creating a new source of recurring revenue when choosing to bundle Voyager connectivity and failover solutions as part of a broader IT offerings portfolio.

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