TechTrack™ Fleet Management

TechTrack™ Fleet Management

Best in class fleet management dispatch tools

TechTrack™ offers meaningful integrated reports that make a difference to service managers, dispatchers and executives alike. There are many options for basic fleet tracking. Our software delivers more with relevant data specific to your industry. Let Datablaze show you more than just GPS and give your team the leading advantage.

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Custom Integrations

Our partner integrations make TechTrack™ more valuable than any other fleet management software available today. Merging and comparing critical data means you don’t have to spend hours digging.

  • ECi / e-automate® software delivers an integrated business management solution
  • Rent Manager® Advanced Property Management Software
  • Service Titan® The world’s leading all-in-one software for Home Services

Dispatch Features to drool over

TechTrack™ helps prompt your dispatchers and service managers to make better decisions. The easy to use dispatch console gives your team the insightful information they need to make better choices. With TechTrack™ tools on your side, you can increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Service call details
  • Automatic call updates
  • Color-coded call status
  • Service call notifications
  • Custom vehicle alerts
  • View and filter calls and drivers

Actionable Reports

TechTrack™ is not your typical fleet tracking software. Get exportable, printable reports that will help your team understand what really happened.

Need to know if a service technician was where he said he was? TechTrack™ has the report to automatically compare logged arrival times with GPS arrival times. In fact, there’s an alert to notify a manager as soon as the discrepancy is detected.

Partner integrations let you compare service data logged from your field services app with actual on the ground times and locations.

  • Make educated comparisons
  • Meaningful, useful data
  • Custom Filtering
  • Print and export any report with ease
  • Customized reports for each dealer
  • Subscribe to reports for painless delivery

Custom Icons and Markers

TechTrack™ gives you the ultimate control over how your service calls and technicians are identified. You pick the shape, color, SLA rules and even custom acronyms so your team is up and running faster. Your terminology for your business.

  • Colorize call icons to match the technician they’ve been assigned to
  • Show Bill Code, Call Type, Property Type, Customer Type…. Anything
  • Different Shapes
  • Limitless Icon Possibilities
  • Customer Service Level Agreement (SLA) aware
  • Unassigned calls that need a service technician assigned

Real-time Tech Arrival Notifications

TechTrack™ introduces the assigned technician and lets your customer know exactly when to expect them.

Stay relevant in a technology driven world with desktop and phone notifications that let customers know the tech is on the way.

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