Real-time Tech Arrival Notifications

TechArrival introduces the assigned technician and lets your customer know exactly when to expect them.

Stay relevant in a technology driven world with desktop and phone notifications that let customers know the tech is on the way.

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TechArrival Features

Take Customer Service to the Next Level

TechArrival link sent with ticket confirmation.

From the time a customer opens a ticket, until that ticket is closed, your service team is in touch.

Notify the customer when the ticket status changes.

Updates are sent each time your team moves toward resolving the issue.

Real-Time GPS Mapping

Shows estimated time to arrival with a live view of the tech's location.

TechTrack Fleet Management

TechTrack™ Fleet Management Software

TechArrival is a feature of the TechTrack™ Fleet Management software. Designed to take your fleet management and customer service to the next level.