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SIMPLIFY Endpoint management.
OPTIMIZE Wireless Connectivity.

Centralize your wireless connectivity and endpoints for better remote management, control and cost optimization.

Cellular Connectivity Management
Datablaze Voyager is a leader in IoT Device Management Platforms on G2

One platform to simplify your wireless deployment.


Centrally manage 4G/LTE, 5G, NB-IoT, Cat-M connectivity in one platform.

VOYAGER gives you complete visibility to all your connections including multi-carrier SIMs and plans with existing contracts. From data usage to current and estimated charges, you have control over your wireless connections at any time, from anywhere.

Voyager Main Dashboard
5G IoT SIM Card

Manage Subscribers From Any Network Carrier


Full visibility of deployed endpoints for increased technician efficiency.

Manage your connected endpoints and connectivity all from one platform.

We’ve partnered with the best device manufacturers for fast and easy deployment.

Integrate with Industry Leading Devices


Be in the know, mitigate overages before they occur.

Templated defined processes provide automatic execution of predefined actions such as: alerting before overages occur, failover and failback SIM changes, and plan changes.

Subscriber Search
Estimated Charges

Reduce your wireless bill with cost optimization tools.

Detailed analytics and automation tools help optimize and reduce costs.


Not just SIMs, but endpoints too - access with only one login.

Get a comprehensive view of deployed endpoints, including insights and tools, regardless of the manufacturer or carrier.

Endpoint Details Dash
Recent Usage

For the numbers guy. Real-time and historical usage in a single pane of glass.

Actionable data to help manage, troubleshoot, analyze and optimize data usage and connected endpoints.

Purpose-built to simplify endpoint management, optimize wireless data costs and increase revenue.

Consolidate and Simplify Wireless IoT Billing

VOYAGER™ IoT Management relieves the stress of calculating confusing data service invoices. Even with multiple carrier accounts and data plans, consolidate your billing into one, easy to read invoice.

  • Invoicing that simply and accurately explains monthly charges
  • Direct Excel spreadsheet exports for easy custom calculations
  • Breakdowns by customizable labels and groups
  • Detailed charges with no guesswork.
IoT Connectivity Multitenant Billing

Multi-Tenant Management for Increased Revenue Opportunities

Multi-tenant features provide IT businesses with the capability to conveniently manage multiple separate entities from one platform. Each user, or tenant, can access only the devices and subscriptions that they are authorized to. Furthermore, wireless costs can be passed on to clients for easy billing.”

Manage Geographic Connections

Integrated IoT devices come with a long list of features and technology to make your IoT deployment a success. GPS technology is embedded in countless IoT solutions. Take advantage of GPS location technology with VOYAGER™ IoT Management and easily map the location of your devices.

IoT Sensor Monitoring

IoT Sensor Management Dashboard

ThingSense is a module within the Datablaze Voyager™ IoT management software that has the ability to monitor an infinite amount of IoT sensors and custom endpoints.


Standard and custom reports empower users to leverage collected data for enhanced analysis. Set up automated delivery of reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to designated recipients.”

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Datablaze Voyager is a leader in IoT Device Management Platforms on G2


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