IoT Data Plans

Cellular IoT data plans for IoT device connectivity and business internet. Choose from top wireless network providers and plans that best fit your use case.

Cellular IoT data plans for IoT devices and business internet usage can vary between network operators and companies providing cellular connectivity services. Depending on the use case some plans are more suitable than others. Datablaze offers one of the largest selections of cellular data plans for IoT technology giving companies the ability to choose the best IoT data plan that is most cost-effective for any IoT application.

Pooled Data Plans

Pooled data plans are a common option for businesses with multiple devices. These plans allow multiple devices to share unused data, providing more flexibility and cost savings. For example, a business with 10 devices assigned to a 1 GB plan can pull from a total pool of 10 GB. This means if some devices use less than 1 GB within a billing cycle and others use more, the devices can consume any data left over from the other devices before overages accrue. 

Unlimited IoT Data Plans

Unlimited IoT data plans are ideal for devices that consume large amounts of data and when usage is unpredictable from month to month. 


These plans do not have a data limit, and do not incur overage fees, but some unlimited data plans may be subject to throttling after a certain amount of data is consumed. For example, an unlimited plan with throttling may regulate data speeds down to 600 Kbps for usage over 10GB within a billing period. Datablaze offers a variety of unlimited plans, both with and without throttling options. 

Wireless Internet Plans for Business – Speed Based

Wireless internet plans for business are like unlimited plans but are speed based and some plans may deprioritize speeds if thresholds are reached. For example, if a device uses 25GB of data, speeds will be deprioritized to 50Mbps, at 50GB speeds will deprioritize to 12Mbps, and at 150GB speeds will deprioritize to 8Mbps. 

Wireless internet plans are great for devices that will not be affected by a decreased bandwidth, should they reach those thresholds. This can include mobile devices such as handheld computers and laptops used for schools or businesses. 

Pay-As-You-Go Data Plan

Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) data plans are pricing models that allow customers to pay only for data they use, rather than a pre-determined amount. These data plans will often have a starting monthly rate for a given amount of data each month. The plans will then have agreed tier pricing should data be consumed and hit those tiers. This pricing model avoids the risk of overage charges. An example of a pay-as-you-go data plan may have a base rate of $6 per month plus $11 for every 1GB of data.

These plans are easy to set and require little maintenance. Because of their flexibility they are great for use with applications with unpredictable data requirements.

Global Access Plans

Global SIM plans are ideal for devices that frequently travel to different countries, such as those used by traveling employees. These plans allow devices to be used abroad without incurring high roaming charges. These plans can be used with mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile or IoT devices.  

It is important to note the cost of data when considering a global SIM plan. Network operators have partnerships with multiple network operators, and agreement costs may vary. The consumers cost may be slightly higher as the device utilizes data in various locations through various network providers. 

eSIM Plans

eSIM technology offers greater flexibility as it allows users to switch between different mobile networks and service plans remotely, without the need for physical SIM card changes. This eliminates the need for multiple physical SIM cards when traveling internationally.

An eSIM provider can remotely provision the SIM based on the device’s location and the customer’s preferred carrier. This type of card and plan combination is ideal for mobile devices that travel both domestically and internationally.

VOYAGER by Datablaze

What you get with Datablaze IoT data plans and cellular business plans.

Datablaze provides direct access to the world’s leading cellular providers, with coverage across 600 global operators in over 190 countries. Our cellular IoT data plans include NB-IoT/LTE CAT M/4G-LTE/5G connectivity from top operators like Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T. Your data plans can be managed through a single, centralized IoT management platform, giving you the ability to remotely monitor and control your entire wireless deployment.

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