8 Industry Sectors That Should Rely On IoT Water Metering

8 Industry Sectors That Should Rely On IoT Water Metering According to the EPA, there are eight sectors of industry that are considered high impact water users. These are: food and agriculture, electric power and energy, metals and mining, apparel, high-tech and electronics, beverage, biotech and pharmaceuticals, and forest products.These industries need water — and

How Pairing Voyager and Private LTE Creates the Perfect Solution

How Pairing Voyager and Private LTE Creates the Perfect Solution Private LTE networks are a fantastic option compared to the open internet for connecting appliances that require secure, direct connections with one another or potentially your cloud framework. Yet, the public internet can present security risks. The public internet is additionally frequently blocked. To put

4 Ways IoT can Help the Agriculture Industry

With the most modern farming techniques, IoT management is helping farmers achieve a streamlined farming culture that utilize fewer resources, reduce waste generation, and increase productivity. Internet of Things is gaining popularity in the agricultural sector with recent statistics mapping the global agricultural IoT market size at 14.79 billion dollars as of 2018. This is expected to

How Can IoT Help The Trucking Industry?

The trucking industry is one of the businesses that has benefited a lot from advancing technology. The Internet of Things has brought remarkable improvements in the transportation industry and trucking companies are now leveraging on this to boost the operation of their businesses. So, what are the ways IoT has significantly impacted the trucking industry?

Is Your Current IoT Service Provider The Right Choice For Your Business?

So your business has already adopted Internet of Things? Congratulations! Definitely, you must have realized the many benefits of IoT adoption. Among these include streamlined communication and business processes, improved automation and control, better surveillance, as well as increased efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, you must have realized IoT’s money- and time-saving benefits. If you just

How Should You Manage IoT Solutions?

One of the more difficult tasks with IoT is being able to personalize it towards your specific needs and desires. IoT, if not properly managed, can be an overload. However, with our product, Voyager™ IoT Management, we offer a way of personalizing your business Internet of Things solutions & IoT management to fit into your

3 Ways IoT Drives Profitability

3 Ways Internet of Things Drives Profitabiliy

Global industries are rapidly adopting Internet of Things to make their data more valuable. Essentially, Internet of Things intersects physical and virtual worlds through interconnected tools, revolutionizing how businesses work. Data collection using smart equipment in an IoT system necessitates machine optimization. This results in increased reliability, reduced costs, and improved performance. Businesses that have embraced

IoT for Oil and Gas Industry

Internet of Things for Oil and Gas Companies

IoT can improve every industry, from construction to medical to retail. Being able to monitor, track and control products in real time allows for companies to increase profits, as well as, save time and improve customer satisfaction. IoT systems allow for maximum efficiency of any organization, especially the oil and gas industry. The oil and

Press Release – February 20, 2020

Datablaze Press Release Feb, 20

BOISE, IDAHO – Datablaze is pleased to announce the newest sim and device management platform – Voyager™. Datablaze is making billing, data usage, and IoT solutions simpler with this new proprietary tool that allows the user to stay in control of enterprise IoT deployments. Datablaze focuses on transparency as a key factor for its products.

Attention Shoppers – IoT in the Retail Industry

iot internet of thing in retail industry

IoT has already proven itself as a more than viable approach to optimizing operations in a variety of industries – as we’ve talked about before, the oil and gas, construction, and medical industries all have realized substantial returns on their investments into IoT or Internet of Things technologies. From the ability to monitor and regulate