Private LTE Networks

Private Wireless Networks for Mobile Sites

BOISE – November 3, 2022 – Datablaze LLC, an Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity solution provider and IoT software developer, today announced a new solution that provides turnkey private wireless networking. This offering provides a quick to deploy, plug-and-play mobile solution for medium to large enterprises in the public and private sectors. This solution reduces development and installation timelines and allows customers to scale their LAN connectivity through LTE or 5G cellular technology by using the CBRS spectrum within US locations.

Until now, private cellular networks were designed for static locations such as warehouses, schools, and medical facilities. Now Datablaze has packaged all the necessary components, including the evolved packet core (EPC), access point, and backhaul router, into a convenient travel case.

The new mobile solution targets a range of use cases, including temporary base sites for law enforcement and fire departments, construction, and mobile events. Further options are also available for factory automation, inventory and warehouse management, and healthcare environments.

“So many industries now have a growing demand for private networks. We want to make it easy for the user to essentially plug-and-play with very little setup time,” said Cameron Powell, CTO at Datablaze. “Thanks to CBRS spectrum, users can leverage a setup that’s as simple as Wi-Fi, but they can still harness the power of enterprise-level security, low latency, and faster speeds of a cellular network.”

Datablaze also provides the software to manage the devices and SIM cards that connect to the private network. The endpoint management software allows administrators to add and remove SIMs, view connected devices within the network, and gain insights about their connectivity status and history. Management tools also allow administrators to group SIMs and devices for easy identification and reporting.

The private wireless appliance, connectivity management software and service are all part of a complete solution provided by Datablaze.

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Datablaze is a solution provider that specializes in connectivity and tracking for remote assets. The company offers a suite of enterprise-grade technologies, including managed wireless connectivity for internet of things (IoT) devices, IoT integration and endpoint management, as well as GPS solutions to track vehicles and assets. Datablaze also provides the devices and services necessary to implement these solutions for businesses and fleets of any size. By developing strategic partnerships with network operators and manufacturers around the world in addition to evolving its innovative solutions, Datablaze enables businesses to optimize their wireless data usage, simplify endpoint deployments, and gain better visibility and control over geographically disparate assets. To learn more, visit

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