How Pairing Voyager and Private LTE Creates the Perfect Solution

Private LTE networks are a fantastic option compared to the open internet for connecting appliances that require secure, direct connections with one another or potentially your cloud framework. Yet, the public internet can present security risks. The public internet is additionally frequently blocked. To put it plainly, a private cellular network is only a correspondence channel between your SIM card and your cloud service provider or corporate network.

What Are the Benefits of LTEs?

Even though the public internet presents security risks, there are network safety tools for avoiding those. VPNs are regularly used to access gadgets in the field from a nearby network.


The primary issue with network safety is that it’s intended to oppose the digital attack. Incidentally, security conventions come up short for some reason. A superior solution is to keep away from digital attacks inside and out. On the off chance that your connected appliances never need to contact the public internet, there are fewer possible cyber-attack vectors. Along these lines, there are fewer digital attacks to fight off.


You have more power over your private network than you do over the public internet. You can set guidelines for the kind of traffic that is allowed to start from your SIM cards and cross your LTE network.


Simply connecting appliances to your private network or applications hosted on your CSP framework empowers you to connect with those appliances similarly. You would connect with appliances on your local network, making it much simpler to access.


You cannot play down the range it has; after all, one of the primary benefits of Private LTE is that it is like Wi-Fi, but with better range and throughput. In case you didn’t know, one small indoor cell is about the equivalent of 8 Wi-Fi nodes.

What Are the Best Use Cases of Private LTEs?


Solid web access can be challenging for students who are presently studying remotely. With more students working through the internet, private LTE may turn into an optimal and secure solution. Private LTE can help students who are still using insecure home internet services.

Smart Cities

Private LTE is likewise being considered to make more smart cities. Through private LTE, city elements can be connected. Imagine an existence where traffic signals change timing naturally, relying upon traffic streams, where sensors in roads can recognize ice development during a snowstorm and dispatch snow furrows as a preparatory measure. Additionally, streetlamps could automatically turn off in the absence of vehicles or people on foot in the region, saving energy and money.


IoT devices and IoT sensors are getting more mainstream in healthcare service settings and centers. However, that accompanies a few challenges. Hospitals need to keep up elevated levels of the network while also ensuring that this availability is secure. Private LTE associations can give the dependability and security medical care organizations need to provide the best clinical consideration.

Benefits of Using LTE with Datablaze Voyager IoT

Applicable Industries

Private LTE networks empower digitalization of industries such as:

With flexible deployment of the following verticals:

  • Secure communication of devices with full control of coverage
  • Appliances
  • Quality of services

The Future of Private Networks

New plans of action are arising for industries. From claiming and operating their organizations, enterprises with basic communication needs are presently securing private networks and administrations that influence service providers’ current network resources and activities – without trading off required local access control.

Industrial digitalization has encouraged a high interest in local private networks. Using our leading LTE and 5G wireless technology platform- Voyager™, we offer:

  • Cost enhancement
  • Rules
  • Alerts
  • Automated price plan changes
  • Powerful access
  • A noteworthy suite of API for management by downstream clients

Our platform allows organizations to deal with their endpoints, alongside the wireless connectivity data usage moving over whatever WAN (satellite, 3G/4G/5G data, Private LTE, Wired circuits).

Ready to Get Started?

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