GPS Asset Tracking

Easy-to-use asset tracking software. View your fleet, high-value equipment & assets in a single dashboard.

GPS Asset Tracking Software

Track Your Assets with Live GPS

Unpowered Assets

Track shipping containers and trailers. Long-life battery operated GPS devices allow you to know where your assets are at all times.

Powered Equipment

Track trucks, ATVs, light-duty, farm equipment and more. Know more than the location, get statuses such as temperature and speed.

Heavy Equipment

Track bulldozers, excavators, cranes and more. Get alerts, setup geofences and manage your equipment, all within our tracking software.

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GPS tracking has never been this easy!

Know where the things that matter most are with a live GPS asset tracking device. For less than a $1 a day you could have peace of mind. We have the experience that you can trust with over 15 years of satisfied customers.

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GPS Asset Tracking Software Features

Our GPS tracking software is user friendly with step-by-step instructions and training. From GPS history to intelligent, meaningful reports, we have you covered for all of your GPS asset tracking needs.

voyager iot gps tracking software
real-time GPS IoT tracking and monitoring software

Search and Replay GPS Tracking History

Get dialed in with our searchable history that can pull addresses and dates from our GPS tracking software. Watch previous GPS history with an animation feature. All the data you need right at your fingertips with a backlog of up to one year. GPS asset tracking is accurate and simple!

Added Security with Geofencing

Know when your assets enter or leave a designated location by setting up geofence alerts. Choose to have instant alerts sent to you via text or email if your asset ever leaves the perimeter you set.

Geofence Assets

GPS Tracking Plans

$25/month 1 minute updates

$35/month 10 second updates

$45/month 5 second updates

For more than 5 devices.

GPS Tracking Devices

Datablaze supplies GPS fleet trackers that are configured and ready to deploy. Get the most valuable information from your fleet including engine start and stop, vehicle diagnostics, and much more. OBD devices can be installed in seconds.

Datablaze Asset Tracker BlackHawkLTE

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