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Track your fleet and ensure your drivers are safe with Datablaze live fleet tracking solutions. From GPS history to intelligent, meaningful reports, we have you covered for all your GPS tracking needs.

GPS Fleet Tracking

A Fleet Tracking Solution for any Industry

Deploy fleet tracking to improve driver safety, save money and know where your vehicles are.

Save Money with GPS Tracking Software

Keep drivers on track and avoid non-business use of vehicles. Idling reports can also help reduce unnecessary idling and upkeep on vehicle maintenance can help reduce fuel costs. Promoting better driving habits can lead to less incidences over time saving you money on insurance and repairs.

Searchable, Animated GPS History

Get dialed in with our searchable history that can pull addresses and dates from our GPS tracking software. Watch previous GPS history with an animation feature. All the data you need right at your fingertips with a backlog of up to one year. GPS asset tracking is accurate and simple!

Vehicle Maintenance

Stay on top of your vehicle maintenance. Set alerts based on mileage or lapsed time letting you know maintenance such as tire rotation or oil change is due.

Custom Geofences

Know when your vehicles enter or leave a designated location by setting up geofence alerts.

GPS Tracking Devices

Datablaze supplies GPS fleet trackers that are configured and ready to deploy. Get the most valuable information from your fleet including engine start and stop, vehicle diagnostics, and much more. OBD devices can be installed in only seconds.

PathfinderOBD Vehicle Tracker

GPS Camera Tracking with Dash Cams

Take your fleet tracking to the next level with GPS tracking dash cameras. Record every moment to know what happens before, during and after an incident. Plus get real-time GPS position.

Get More Than Just Fleet Tracking

GPS Tracking for Equipment

Track more than vehicles. Datablaze offers GPS trackers that can track just about anything. Avoid theft with battery operated GPS trackers allowing unpowered and high-value equipment to be tracked.

Integrations for Fleet Dispatch

Live sync with other fleet management software and ERP programs. With Datablaze TechTrack™ GPS dispatch and reassign techs directly in the software, plus more features.

TechTrack Fleet Management

Fleet Management Software Features

Live GPS Locations

Device/Vehicle/Driver Groups

Custom Geofences (Keep Out or Keep In)

Geofence Schedules

Google Maps Show Traffic and Satellite View

Mobile App (iOS and Android)

Movement Detection

Name Devices to Identify Vehicles or Drivers

Plug and Play or Hardwired GPS Tracking Devices

GPS Tracking History/Searchable Animated History

Online Support


Text (SMS) and Email Alerts

Geofence Alerts

Speeding Alerts

Vehicle Maintenance Management Alerts


Driver Scorecard Report

Idling Report

Odometer Report

Speed Report

Scheduled Maintenance Report

Custom Reports

Optional Integrations

Optional GPS Dash Camera

ERP Integration/Dispatching with Third Party Software

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Frequently Asked Questions

GPS fleet tracking is a way to view your vehicles, employees, or assets in their real-time locations on a digital map. GPS devices are installed in the vehicle or asset and periodically reports their location to a cloud system via cellular connectivity. This gives the ability to monitor an entire fleet of maintenance vehicles or service technicians in a single view.

All Datablaze GPS tracking devices function in the same basic way. The device consists of two main components, the cellular modem, and the GPS receiver. The device receives data from the GPS satellites, the internal system converts this data into readable content and then sends the information through the cellular modem to Datablaze data centers. Once the data has been received, we display that data in a user-friendly manner on our smartphone apps and web-based software. 

Several Datablaze products use internal batteries to power the GPS tracking device. In an effort to extend battery life, we configure these devices to report on a user-specified interval while in motion. Once the device stops moving, it will enter sleep mode. This helps save battery and reduces the amount of location points in a fixed location. Upon sensing motion, the device will wake up and continue reporting on the user-specified interval.

Yes, all historical data of GPS locations for all devices are saved up to 1 year.

In most cases no. Most vehicles have a standard OBD connector. This connector is usually located just under the steering wheel. Datablaze will provide a GPS tracking device that plugs directly into the OBD connector of your vehicles. If by choice, or because your vehicle does not have a compatible OBD connector, Datablaze does have an option to supply hardwired GPS tracking devices. In this case these usually will require some experience to know how to wire them to your vehicles.

Most companies offering GPS tracking solutions provide only the basics. This may include GPS locating to view vehicle locations on a map. They may also offer some reports and vehicle telematics to know speed, idling and to document vehicle maintenance. Datablaze offers a complete end-to-end solution designed to scale with your business. If you need to integrate an ERP system, Datablaze can do that. If you have multiple locations, you can group your fleets for easier identification and management. Datablaze is a full IoT solution provider with over 15 years of experience. Rest assured we are experts when it comes to wireless connectivity and GPS technology.

Investing in the right solutions can save money in the long run. Datablaze GPS fleet tracking solutions provide detailed telematics from each of your vehicles. With this information and with the proper reports, a lot can be done to save your company money.

Cellular phones do a great job of tracking location. However, because the phone is meant to do much more than GPS tracking, it uses significant battery life to do so. GPS fleet tracking devices are designed for this purpose alone. Therefore, the GPS tracking device will have significantly better battery life for live GPS fleet tracking. The GPS tracking devices also utilize a much larger, advanced GPS receiver and internal antenna. This provides accurate position information without the need for additional cellular information.  

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