Optimizing Wireless IoT Connectivity

Connect your business through wireless IoT connectivity and optimize your costs from one central data and device management platform.

A complete IoT and wireless data management solution.

IoT Connectivity Services

We provide connectivity options for 600+ wireless networks in 190+ countries to offer the best 4G/LTE, 5G, Cat-M, and NB-IoT coverage for your IoT deployments.

IoT Management Software

We continue to develop “Best in Class” IoT management software to get your application running quickly. If custom solutions are needed our team of experts are available to help.

Wireless IoT Devices

Choose from an entire product line of compatible devices designed, tested and integrated with Datablaze’s Voyager platform for seamless remote management.


An IoT connectivity and endpoint management platform.

real-time iot management data platform

Until now, data management has been a painful process of dealing with cellular carriers, digging through complex, confusing invoices, and waiting on hold for the simplest of questions.

Voyager™ by Datablaze removes the stress and adds the tools you need to manage your IoT deployments and subscriptions. Utilize metrics to optimize your data plans based on historical, real-time, and anticipated data usage. Set up alerts to know if a device is about to incur overages or when to suspend a SIM.

Robust integration with our operators and partners.

We've partnered with the best wireless carriers and device manufacturers.

Providing IoT Solutions for Any Industry

Learn how Datablaze can help bring your IoT deployment to market.

Asset and fleet management with live GPS tracking.


Live Fleet Tracking


Track What Matters


GPS Tracking Devices

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