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Endpoint management SIMPLIFIED.
Wireless Connectivity OPTIMIZED.

Centralize connectivity and wireless endpoints for better management, control and cost optimization.

Voyager IoT Dashboard

Voyager is an Award-Winning and IoT Industry Recognized Platform

IoT Platforms Leadership 2023

Cellular Data Plans

Centrally managed 4G/LTE, 5G, NB-IoT, Cat-M connectivity.

IoT SIM Card
Custom IoT Solutions

Custom IoT Solutions

Integrate with third-party software and custom IoT products.

GPS Tracking

Complete solution with tracking devices and software.

Private Wireless Network LTE and 5G

Private LTE and 5G Networks

Private cellular networks based on CBRS spectrum for the enterprise.

Robust integration with network operators and wireless devices.

We've partnered with the best wireless carriers and device manufacturers to streamline your wireless deployments.

Wireless IoT Solutions for All Use Cases

Learn how Datablaze can help bring your IoT deployment to market.

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