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How IoT is Revolutionizing the Logistics Industry

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Long gone are the days of just focusing on just getting products from one point to another. Now logistics companies have to prioritize quality services, just-in-time delivery, supply chain visibility, and transparency of the product lifecycle. In order for logistics companies to succeed, they must have an efficient inventory management system, quick delivery processes, ensure the safe storage of products, and precise automation of business processes.

IoT applications are crucial components that keep logistics systems connected to provide companies with valuable data and improve customer service. Let’s take a closer look at how IoT solutions are changing how the logistics industry carries out business operations.

What Applications Do IoT Solutions Have in the Logistics Industry?

IoT solutions are what the logistics industry has been waiting for. These technologies have the ability to take companies to the next level and improve customer service while simultaneously cutting operational costs. These are the most common applications of IoT solutions in the logistics industry.

Smart Location Management Systems

Deployment of IoT solutions allows logistics companies to easily keep track of vehicle locations, delivery statuses, and driver behaviors. All changes are detected and reported in real-time, allowing managers to make decisions based on what is actually happening at the moment versus delayed data. The use of IoT devices allows for the streamlining of location management processes.

Inventory and Warehouse Management

Integrating IoT sensors give logistics companies the ability to track inventory by monitoring each product’s status and position within the warehouse. Inventory management is an important part of any logistics company’s business operations. IoT allows for:

  • Prevention of inventory losses
  • Safe storage
  • The ability to find products more efficiently

As a bonus, the adoption of IoT devices significantly reduces human error that inherently occurs in manual inventory management and warehousing. Human error is not only time-consuming to correct but can result in costly damage.

Predictive Live Analytics

Logistics company owners and managers making the right business decisions depend on the ability to obtain up-to-date, relevant, and comprehensive data analytics. IoT solutions allow managers to manage risks, streamline the decision-making process, and much more. These solutions can be used to improve route planning and to predict potential issues before they cause a much larger problem. 

Supply Chain Management

Effective and streamlined supply chain management processes are of great importance to both logistics companies and consumers. The challenges that supply chain management poses can have devastating consequences. Mishandling food products is an example of just one of the obstacles that logistics companies must pay close attention to. 

IoT solutions such as the use of radio-frequency identification tags (RFID) allows for the monitoring of storage temperature and humidity, as well as the transportation stage that the product is in. This data is automatically saved in the blockchain, allowing easy access to the product’s lifecycle.

Smart Self-Driving Vehicles

Self-driving vehicles are an IoT solution that will revolutionize the logistics industry. Smart, self-driving vehicles will take the data that is collected and translate it into precise routes as well as directions for the vehicle to follow. The integration of automated vehicles into business processes increases efficiency and therefore reduces operating costs. It will also minimize vehicle accidents which further reduces the costs of repairs.

Drone Delivery Processes

Drone delivery IoT solutions increase the speed and efficiency of product delivery. The use of drones will allow for driverless transportation systems, quick product delivery, as well as inventory tracking capabilities. The integration of the important IoT automation technology will improve business processes by giving companies a viable solution to their last-mile delivery pain points.  

Real-Time Data Alerts

IoT solutions allow logistics owners and managers to set custom parameters. Detected behavior outside of these parameters signals the IoT management platform to alert designated personnel. The benefit is that real-time data alerts can be acted upon immediately which saves on overall company costs. 

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IoT Technologies Significantly Improve Customer Service

Consumers want their products and shipments as quickly as possible and expect logistics companies to be able to accommodate rush deliveries. The use of IoT technologies allow the logistics industry to improve customer service in the following ways:

  • Allows the logistics industry to create an efficient supply chain platform
  • Provides a greater degree of transparency which means that issues are detected sooner and can be acted on in a timely manner, which reduces delays
  • Greater visibility of the supply chain directly translates into long-term cost savings that can be passed on to consumers
  • A decrease in instances of lost product during transportation due to enhanced tracking abilities that allow companies to know where every product is at each stage of transportation and warehouse storage; reducing consumer frustrations
  • If product is stolen, real-time data and tracking allows companies to quickly detect at what stage the theft occurred and responsible parties, meaning and resolve the issue with the customer much quicker
  • Automated IoT shipping software allows your company to process and dispatch products for delivery to consumers faster
  • IoT technology can be integrated with customer devices so that they can see where their shipments are in the delivery process
  • Increased visibility of products means that consumers are privy to more accurate delivery times and can schedule around their needs
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APIs Are The Crucial Link

Application program interfaces (APIs) are the connections between IoT technologies and the user interface. Without robust and versatile APIs, IoT solutions are essentially useless. Voyager™ offers a comprehensive suite of APIs. This ensures that users are able to maximize the potential of their IoT devices

Control Multiple Entities From One Platform

Voyager’s™ multitenancy capabilities allow users to control multiple entities seamlessly from one IoT management platform. With separate access layers, each tenant or user is only able to access the IoT devices that belong to them. Multitenancy features save financial resources by allowing companies to reduce management costs and avoid time-consuming complexities. 

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Voyager™: A Comprehensive IoT Management System for Logistics Companies

Voyager™ by Datablaze is an innovative IoT management system that allows logistics companies to take control of their business operations by allowing owners and designated supervisors to effectively manage IoT technologies, billing, the supply chain, live analytics and so much more. Here is a more in-depth look at what Voyager™ brings to the table for the logistics industry.

Innovative IoT Management Platform

Managers have the ability to use industry-leading tools to control data connections. This versatile platform allows your company to:

  • Activate, pause, or end data connections easily
  • Efficiently troubleshoot and resolve data connection issues
  • Easily identify excessive users and make decisions to reduce usage in order to eliminate overage fees

Voyager™ gives owners and managers complete visibility over their data connections no matter how small or large the deployments.

Customizable IoT Dashboard

Not every company will find the same data and information relevant. Voyager™ allows users to customize their dashboard. This allows you to receive a real-time, relevant view of all of your data connections in an easy to understand layout. Break down usage by the day or the month and identify the highest users. Voyager™ gives managers the ability to see not only current usage data but past usage. 

Hassle-Free Billing 

Transparent IoT billing capabilities mean that you spend less time calculating complex invoices. Instead, Voyager™ provides invoicing that is accurate and easy to use. It explains monthly charges and even direct Excel Spreadsheet exports for simple custom calculations. 

GPS Technology

GPS technologies integrated with IoT solutions make for a powerful team. Live GPS tracking provides higher visibility of products and goods, offers location-based data history with animated playback, and geofencing capabilities. 

Sensor Management with ThingSense

Combining Voyager™ with ThingSense by Datablaze gives you ultimate visibility. IoT sensor kits make automated monitoring easier than ever. Datablaze offers two versions of ThingSense: 

  • Basic Refrigeration Kit
  • Advanced Restaurant Kit

Both kits provide the following benefits:

  • Simplest set-up - Plug it in and you're ready to go
  • 4G/LTE connection - Superior coverage and up-time
  • Real-time alerts - Instant text message and/or email
  • Online portal - Detailed reports, historical data, and account management
  • LoRaWAN technology built-in
  • Continuous monitoring - Prevents loss product, saves time, saves money, and increases accuracy
  • Compliance simplicity - Provides for HACCP, CDC, and EPA regulations
  • Temperature - Alerts you immediately when temperatures are outside of the set range
  • Humidity - Sends alerts when humidity ranges are outside of set preferences

The advanced restaurant kit also includes:

  • Door monitoring - Receive alerts immediately when doors are opened, closed, and data on how long doors remain open
  • Water leak - Receive alerts immediately at the first drop of water, so that you catch water leaks before costly damage is incurred.
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IoT Technologies Mean Cost Savings for the Logistics Industry

The use of cutting-edge IoT technologies translates into significant savings for logistics companies. Here’s how:

  • The quicker an issue is detected and resolved the less money that is lost due to the problem or spent to fix it.
  • A higher degree of supply chain visibility means long-term cost savings.
  • Decreasing cases of product theft or loss of goods save companies a great deal of money. 
  • The ability to expedite the shipping process decreases labor costs.
  • Automation reduces shipping and labor costs.

The bottom line is that IoT technologies increase the efficiency of business processes which allows logistics companies to save money on operational costs and increase their profit margin.

All-Inclusive IoT Management Solution for the Logistics Industry

IoT technologies have vast capabilities and applications to the logistics industry that we are just beginning to scratch the surface of. They improve business processes, reduce operational costs, increase consumer satisfaction, and much more. Voyager™ provides logistics companies with a robust, versatile, and comprehensive IoT management platform that allows owners to confidently manage their business operations. Increased transparency means that owners are able to make more informed decisions that allow their businesses to scale and grow. Try a free demo of Voyager™ and see how this powerful IoT management platform will allow you to make the most of your IoT solutions. 

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