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Industrial IoT Resource Guide

People often think of IoT (Internet of Things) as something for geographically distant and remote environments. Visions of trucking fleets, dispersed retail stores with outlying locations come to mind. However, some of the most applicable uses for IoT solutions can be found on the factory floor. This has been known as IIoT or Industrial Internet of Things. Whether in a single location or across multiple factories or rigs, IIoT is extremely beneficial for industrial environments.

Industrial IoT Applications

Some examples of how IoT can be applied within industrial companies include: 

Integration With Existing/Legacy Systems

Where once the oil & gas industry was completely dependent on supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems for industrial control and pipeline management, can now integrate IoT technology with their existing systems to create a more flexible and transparent environment. IoT solutions allow SCADA administrators the ability to have more control and insight into their environments than via SCADA systems can alone.

Factory Automation & Wireless IIoT

Wireless IoT is useful in factory settings and smart manufacturing, especially where physical wiring is difficult and cost-prohibitive to implement. Moreover, in factory settings where configurations change based on business needs or new contracts, wireless connectivity provides flexibility that isn’t possible in traditional environments. 

Factory automation can consist of a complex network of proximity sensors, pressure sensors, switches and controllers such as a PLC (Programable Logic Controller). These networks commonly use fieldbus networks to communicate with one another. If any of these devices are outside of the wired network a wireless connection may be necessary.

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Energy Usage and Reduction

In general, factories can always benefit from new solutions to save energy. IoT can help mitigate wasted energy by optimizing energy usage through smart monitors that shut off power in areas of the factory as soon as they aren’t needed. This can apply to machines and lighting and heating/cooling systems and can reduce factory power usage by 20% or more. In many instances, that alone can pay for the IoT system.

Cargo Shipping

Industrial companies often rely on substantial fleets of vehicles to ship their products to markets. IoT management offers custom-built solutions for fleet management and can provide everything from information on vehicle status and performance to traffic conditions and weather. Especially when used in conjunction with GPS, IoT can provide information necessary for route optimization, which leads to reduced fuel costs and thus, greater savings.

In all these scenarios, companies have been able to automate tasks and operations via IoT, leading to significant cost savings and greater efficiency, both of which have an immediate and influential impact on a company’s bottom line.

Integration is Important

Another aspect that IoT can help industrial companies improve is with collecting and analyzing data. IoT solutions provide data that can be utilized by Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) systems to discover previously unknown data and trends that can be evaluated to create more efficient operations. 

At Datablaze, we understand the value of monitoring supply chain processes. We also understand the value of analytics associated with this monitoring. For that reason, we offer the following customer services to our esteemed clients:

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Industrial IoT Deployment

Our experts are trained to help simplify, hasten, and modernize your IoT rollout. As a first-time IoT user, you might find it taxing to get things up and running. Datablaze understands this, that is why we offer our clients professional deployment services to help them seamlessly incorporate IoT into their supply chain to attain higher-level efficiency, productivity, and quality.

Voyager™ IoT Management

Datablaze created Voyager™ because we recognized, while IoT systems are great for performing remote tasks in the field, they provide something potentially more valuable – actionable data. Voyager™ was envisioned and designed to be the tool that enterprises go to when they need a single platform to monitor, manage, and manipulate unique insights from their IoT systems. Voyager™ provides reporting across an IoT environment, including location-based data that tells operators what’s happening and where it’s happening, in real-time. Voyager™ offers valuable analytics that grants insights into an IoT environment, along with data that companies need to make the right decisions for their business.

Voyager™’s IoT platform facilitates real-time collection and processing of data obtained from IoT connectivity networks, applications, devices, and any other data sources. With this platform, you can charge it in postpaid, prepaid, or mix the two models.

With Voyager™, you can customize your portal view to focus on what’s important to you and your business. Devices in an IoT system communicate to the cloud through a specific type of connectivity; upon reaching the cloud, Voyager™ processes this information to determine the appropriate action. Possible reactions include automatically adjusting the IoT system devices without the user’s intervention or sending an alert to allow the user to choose the best form of action.

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IoT Deployment Services

The efficiencies and savings noted above can’t be realized without a strong underlying infrastructure, specifically, many of the cost savings are lost if the IoT environment isn’t managed properly. That’s why it’s critical that the IoT environment is managed as efficiently as possible. Companies need to be able to see how the environment is doing from both a performance and billing/usage standpoint, as well as, being able to make changes to their environment in real-time, to keep costs as low as possible and maximize productivity and efficiency. 

Voyager™ IoT Features, Integrations and APIs

Datablaze Voyager™ features a live IoT dashboard providing the transparency of real-time metrics and analytics that allow manufacturers optimum interoperability anywhere in the world.

Integrations and APIs

Such manufacturer integration and connectivity mean that not only are your real-time solutions located within the cloud, but they are both tenable and scalable.

If your application uses standard protocols such as Modbus or MQTT, we can also help integrate those devices via wireless communication.

Multi-tenant Management Features

Managing multi-tenancy gives your raw data direction and insight that’s always forward-movement. Many think that a new industrial revolution is on the horizon as 5G takes hold of the IoT in the cloud. Voyager’s™ global integration and API connectivity focus on what’s happening and how it’s happening from anywhere around the world through IoT.


A quick look at the type of users in an IoT system shows that there are a large number of settlements and relations occurring between them. Some cases might involve simple selling processes while others might entail intricate revenue chains, but this depends on the services offered and how the involved parties relate. With this kind of environment, IoT systems need a tool with rebilling capabilities, and Voyager™ provides exactly that!

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Rebilling Your IoT Data

With its rebilling capabilities, Voyager™ can support all relations, processes, and charging levels for end-to-end billing chains. The financial realm is multi-level, multi-device, and multi-tenant which makes it the ideal usage. If your goal is to develop a seamless product/service ecosystem that economically meets customer expectations, consider Voyager™. On top of the aforementioned services, we offer the following solutions:

Operational Management

At Datablaze, we understand your need to offer your customers value. That is why we offer to preside over your management responsibilities around the clock to ensure everything is processing to your specific needs. By taking this time-consuming obligation off your to-do list, you will be able to concentrate on other vital business matters.

IIoT Connectivity

Datablaze understands that installing new devices can be a challenging feat. Our experts ease and streamline your IoT connections’ management. We are equipped to offer you IoT SIM cards with global IoT network coverage wherever you need it. With our unified operation management, you’re guaranteed to have an up-to-date and fully automated supply chain.

IIoT Hardware & Devices

Regardless of the type of production you are engaged in, we offer customized IoT solutions to help you become more profitable, productive, and efficient. We provide IIoT hardware such as wireless routers and gateways preconfigured to match your IoT needs and ready to deploy at your location. Across a wide variety of industries, there’s no denying that enormous gains in productivity and profitability have been utilized through the usage of IoT systems.

Live Data, Usage, and Statistics

Another aspect of effective IoT that is important is the ability to monitor and manage the IoT network and environment in a real-time fashion. To maintain insight into not only the operation of those networks but also the data generated by them. IoT networks are only as good as the supporting infrastructure. IoT is dependent on the underlying network to do its job and deliver effective results for the company.


At Datablaze, we get it, that’s why we created Voyager™, a management platform for IoT environments. Via a customizable portal interface, users can:

With Voyager™, billing management, data management, and live analytics are provided via a single process, and reports and data can be exported as needed. Voyager™ can manage any IoT network, and utilize any device, anywhere in the world.

IoT is crucial for the Industrial industry. Datablaze makes managing your IoT solutions easy and simple by customizing the solution to your business. Whether you are a large or small operation, tracking your data, or wirelessly connecting your peripherals, we make it happen. Run your operations smoothly with real-time logistics even if your machinery is spread across multiple job sites, improve your safety protocols and streamline rescue procedures, avoid theft, misplacement, and overlooked maintenance needs.

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