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Wired connectivity is just not making the cut.

In today’s age, the requirement to “always stay connected” couldn’t be more relevant. With everything from homes to cars, offices to employees and banks to their customers, a flexible and robust solution is now a requirement, in order to be relevant.

With the wide array of issues and accidents, which consistently affect applications using traditional “wired line” as a primary source of network connectivity, many business have reconsidered to their wired connectivity method. In an effort to find a more mobile and reliable form of connectivity many have made the switch to using 4G LTE, 5G, or low-power NB-IoT or Cat M1 to operate without the limits imposed by traditional wired line services.

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Wireless Connectivity

Until recent years, there has been no real answer for businesses when fixed line isn’t readily available or even an option, meaning organizations have had no other option, but to accept limited functionality in more remote locations, or instances where it simply isn’t possible to get service. With the widespread availability of 4G LTE and 5G however, connecting anything, anywhere, is an option. From the adoption of centralized back-office systems to the deployment of new business technologies such as the Internet of Things, today’s businesses are ultimately reliant on wireless connectivity. Driving critical applications and business enhancements alike, without wireless technology, most organizations cannot operate.

Regardless of the stock put on connectivity, organizations are taking a new approach at operating in new and unorthodox locations. From pop-up shops in the middle of shopping centers, to temporary restaurants on roof-tops, parking meters and connected picture frames, businesses today are finding new ways to reach their customers. In addition to these new, innovative locations designed to engage customers, businesses are looking at simple ways to expand their reach to new audiences. Today’s evolving landscape demands networking, capable of connecting anything, anywhere, at any time, and with very little notice. Ultimately, businesses now require a new, more flexible connectivity option than a fixed line alone can provide, with a continued assurance that their enterprise network is kept secure.

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Datablaze IoT Connectivity

Datablaze delivers a proven option for connecting and managing any IoT connectivity solution, anytime, anywhere, which is entirely flexible to the requirement of that enterprise. With the increase in speed and bandwidth, a 4G or 5G wireless network solution can connect even the most advanced applications with ease. Having the option to connect to any network, while leveraging industry-leading tools, has allowed Datablaze to help companies focus on leading their perspective industries, simply by giving them the tools they ask for. What this means, is that organizations can successfully launch new wireless IoT solutions almost anywhere. Furthermore, locations are not dictated by existing wired line connectivity, and they can use whatever wireless technology they need to do so. Datablaze remains dedicated to increasing the feature sets our customers need and providing the best IoT connectivity solutions possible.

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