DB1 Multi-Carrier SIM

Seamless Connectivity, Worldwide Reach: Datablaze Introduces DB1 Multi-Carrier IoT SIM Solution

BOISE, Idaho – May 22, 2024 – Datablaze, an end-to-end solution provider of wireless connectivity and IoT device technology, today announced an addition to the company’s cellular connectivity portfolio: the DB1 multi-carrier global SIM solution. Designed for businesses seeking dependable IoT connectivity, this innovative eUICC and multi-IMSI SIM solution grants seamless access to over 675 carriers and across 220 countries without the need to swap physical SIM cards. Not only does this streamline the management of cellular connectivity for enterprises, but it also expedites the procurement process for wireless devices, facilitating swift project launches to market.

Traditional SIM solutions often restrict users to a single cellular carrier, limiting flexibility and potentially compromising connectivity in areas with poor coverage. Datablaze’s DB1 multi-carrier SIM solution addresses these challenges by enabling IoT devices to seamlessly switch between dozens of mobile network carrier profiles should a network become unavailable or have poor coverage. This includes major U.S. carriers like Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, as well as hundreds more around the globe. With the DB1 SIM solution, devices can travel without expensive roaming fees, roaming timeouts, or the need to manually reprovision the SIM’s eUICC profile.

The flexibility of multi-carrier connectivity with a single SIM translates to cost efficiency, as businesses can optimize data plans and avoid downtime associated with network outages. Businesses will also have the ability to choose the connectivity that best suits each application whether it’s 4G/LTE, 5G, NB-IoT or LTE-M. Furthermore, operations can seamlessly scale up without the hassle of managing multiple data plans and carrier contracts. This streamlined approach of simplified connectivity management will allow businesses to focus on growth and efficient production operations while ensuring optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.

“With one SIM providing global connectivity options, deployments are expedited, coverage and uptime are vastly improved, and operational costs are reduced,” said Dustin Gooden, Executive Vice President of Datablaze. “A multi-carrier solution has been in popular demand, and we are pleased to immediately offer the DB1 SIM solution to our existing and new customers.”

For a comprehensive IoT solution, Datablaze is releasing the DB1 SIM in conjunction with its existing connectivity and device management platform, VOYAGER. This cloud-based platform offers a unified view of every SIM, data plan, as well as single-carrier subscribers and their associated wireless devices deployed worldwide.

“As we continue to expand and enhance our products, it is always our goal to offer innovative wireless solutions that simplify management and improve operational efficiencies,” stated Lance Hilton, CEO of Datablaze. “We believe the DB1 is a significant enhancement toward supporting that goal.”

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About Datablaze

Datablaze is an end-to-end solution provider of wireless connectivity coupled with IoT and GPS device technology. Through strategic partnerships with operators worldwide, combined with purpose-built cloud software, Datablaze is committed to helping businesses optimize their wireless data usage and take control of their endpoint management. By evolving its ongoing development around customer-driven deployments, Datablaze continues to expand its solutions with the goal of simplifying wireless connectivity for every application.


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