Datablaze Endpoint Management

Datablaze Introduces Endpoint Management to Its Connectivity Management Platform

A completely new endpoint management module seamlessly integrated with connectivity management helps reduce deployment time.

BOISE, Idaho, September 9, 2022 – Datablaze LLC, an end-to-end solution provider of wireless connectivity and IoT device technology, now offers full endpoint visibility and management within its existing connectivity management platform. These new features, now integrated seamlessly with connectivity management tools, will reduce the time required for executing and managing deployments, and troubleshooting of the endpoints.

The existing SIM and data management platform, known as VOYAGER, is an industry-leading tool recognized for its real-time IoT data dashboard. It provides insights into current and past usage along with tools to optimize wireless data plans. The new endpoint features are an extended layer of tools offering remote visibility and management to the connected endpoints.

Included with the added features is a new module for each endpoint connected within an account. This allows users to view the connected endpoint’s status, as well as useful information such as the endpoint’s online status, the currently connected SIM card, signal strength, and device specific information such as the IMEI and MAC address. When troubleshooting is needed, actions such as rebooting the endpoint can simply be executed directly from the dashboard. Another feature is a real-time interactive map showing the endpoint’s exact location of GPS-enabled devices.

A summary panel of the connected endpoint has also been implemented on the existing subscriber page. The subscriber page provides details of a single connection including the associated data plan along with any incurred data usage. The endpoint summary panel contains a quick view of the endpoint’s online status and relevant data for easy identification. Should further information or control of the endpoint be necessary, a link to that endpoint’s dashboard is conveniently supplied as well.

“With our initial development of VOYAGER, we were able to help our customers manage their data plans and reduce unnecessary costs,” said Cameron Powell, CTO of Datablaze. “Now we added the tools to remotely manage the endpoints that are using the connections within the same platform. This way our customers can significantly increase ROI by reducing time with deployments and making the necessary tools readily available for service managers.”

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About Datablaze

Datablaze is an end-to-end solution provider of wireless connectivity coupled with IoT and GPS device technology. Through strategic partnerships with operators worldwide, combined with purpose-built cloud software, Datablaze is committed to helping businesses optimize their wireless data usage and take control of their endpoint management. By evolving its ongoing development around customer-driven deployments, Datablaze continues to expand its solutions with the goal of simplifying wireless connectivity for every application. To learn more about Datablaze go to

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