John Corral

John Corral Joins Datablaze as Director of Sales

BOISE – Sept. 20, 2023 – Datablaze LLC, an end-to-end solution provider of wireless connectivity and IoT device technology, proudly welcomes John Corral as its newly appointed Director of Sales. With a remarkable career in wireless technology spanning over two decades, John Corral brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in driving technology innovation and mobile applications in the wireless technology sector. 

Datablaze is excited about the addition of John Corral as Director of Sales and anticipates harnessing his extensive expertise to drive innovation and excellence within the organization. His expertise and industry knowledge will be pivotal in growing Datablaze’s presence in emerging markets and forging valuable partnerships that solidify their position as a leading player in the wireless sector. We eagerly anticipate the contributions John will make to propel Datablaze to new heights in this exciting journey of growth and expansion. 

“Datablaze has received great response after launching our unified connectivity and endpoint platform solution,” said Lance Hilton, CEO of Datablaze. “John will be the perfect fit to help continue awareness, and further grow the success for Datablaze. His expertise in wireless technology and commitment to bringing new solutions to various industries align perfectly with Datablaze’s mission to provide innovative solutions to our customers and partners.” 

“Datablaze has made a huge impact in the industry with its connectivity solutions and recent addition of endpoint management, and I am eager to contribute to its continued success,” said John Corral, Director of Sales at Datablaze. “The opportunity to work with a talented team and deliver groundbreaking wireless solutions to customers is truly inspiring. I am confident that together, we will drive Datablaze to even greater heights and provide exceptional value to our customers.” 

John Corral’s illustrious career includes influential leadership roles in Fortune 500 organizations, making him a valuable asset to the Datablaze team. His extensive expertise shines in custom wireless application development for M2M IoT and platform-based solutions. 

John has led substantial consulting projects for industry heavyweight AT&T and has collaborated with renowned organizations such as Ryder, Raymond James, Florida Power and Light, and NASA, showcasing his proficiency in tailoring wireless solutions to meet the diverse needs of these industry leaders. 

About Datablaze 

Datablaze is an end-to-end solution provider of wireless connectivity coupled with IoT and GPS device technology. Through strategic partnerships with operators worldwide, combined with purpose-built cloud software, Datablaze is committed to helping businesses optimize their wireless data usage and take control of their endpoint management. By evolving its ongoing development around customer-driven deployments, Datablaze continues to expand its solutions with the goal of simplifying wireless connectivity for every application. To learn more about Datablaze go to 

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