NIGHTOWL OBD-II Plug & Play GPS Tracke

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  • User programmable reporting intervals as fast as every 10 seconds
  • $25 a month for 1 minute updates
  • No Contracts No Cancellation Fees
  • GEO Fencing, Real Time GPS Reports & Online Monitoring
  • Built in 3D motion sensor for motion detecting and power saving
  • Idle time reports – Mileage and Start/Stop Reports
  • No Contracts or Cancellation Fees


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What’s NightOwl?

The NightOWL is an economical, full-featured vehicle & fleet tracking product designed for easy and reliable installation in automobiles. The NightOWL is an ideal solution for automotive insurance, driver behavior management, auto rental and automotive applications when access to the vehicle diagnostics interface (OBD-II) is required. All NightOWL comes with the best GPS tracking software available. Track your fleet or personal vehicles in real-time from anywhere with internet access! Create geo-fences, setup notifications, and watch your vehicles Live Tracking on the map. The NightOWL is a robust device you can count on. The NightOWL incorporates CDMA, 1xRTT or HSPA wireless communications or GSM/GPRS wireless along with extra sensitive GPS technology in an affordable package. The NightOWL also features a 3-axis accelerometer to detect and act on hard braking, aggressive acceleration, and vehicle impacts.


  • Real Time GPS Reporting via Online Dashboard
  • Geo Fencing with Text Message and Email alerts
  • $25 a month with No Contracts and No Cancellation Fees!
  • Idle Reports & Start/Stop Times
  • Event notifications – text and email.
  • Improves efficiency and overall business planning
  • Great for Business Fleets and Vehicles
  • Free iPhone and Android app

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Weight1 lbs