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5 Ways a SIM Management Platform Can Reduce Cellular Data Costs

Gaining control over wireless expenses can seem impossible when managing many data plans across multiple wireless carriers. It is common for a business to have forecasted their wireless costs, but later find out that they incurred hundreds if not thousands in overage charges. In other cases, a business may overpay for their wireless data without realizing it. Even cellular bills that fall into a normal or “expected” price range can include unnecessary costs and fees.  

Here are 5 ways any business managing multiple SIM subscriptions can reduce cellular data costs. 

Supporting a Variety of Carrier Plans 

Businesses will often benefit from the use of data plans from multiple carriers. This is because each carrier offers different plans and cost structures for various use cases and locations. With the help of a SIM management platform that has multi-carrier capabilities, companies can choose the most cost-effective plan that best fits their use case and manage them regardless of the carrier. This provides complete visibility of actionable data across all endpoints. 

Easy-to-understand data in a single pane of glass eliminates the need to jump from one individual carrier platform to the other, allowing for better optimization and budgeting of wireless expenses. 

Optimizing Pooled Data Plans 

Unlike overages, endpoints are even more likely to not use the data it was allotted for in each month. This is where data pooling becomes a great method to save on data costs. A SIM management platform provides the tools to manage these pools. This way it is easier to get an overview of data pools and understand the data usage of each pool. For an example if you have 10 devices each assigned to a 1 GB plan, they can be pooled with a total of 10 GB. In the case where a device within the pool was to go over its allotted 1GB, it can share unused data from others within that pool. This can significantly reduce the chances of incurring overage charges. 

Send Alerts Based on Real-time Data Usage 

Having the ability to know as soon as an event occurs is key to preventing unexpected expenses with data plans. This is particularly useful when data usage is known to fluctuate and a device or pool is close to exceeding its limit. Users can act and make changes as necessary or configure rules to manage their endpoints through the portal automatically. 

Quickly Identify High Data Users or Problem Endpoints 

There are many reasons a device can use more data than anticipated. It could be that the user had more of a demand than what was expected for a given period. Another possibility could be when a primary network unexpectedly went down, and the backup cellular network took over to keep a branch from going offline. In any case, there is always the unexpected when it comes to data usage, but that can be mitigated with a SIM management platform. With insightful analytics including past usage and estimated upcoming charges you can take action and make the appropriate changes before additional charges occur. 

Data Plan Automation 

Getting unwanted or unexpected overage fees can break budgets and upset upper management. Less noticeable, but equally expensive, is paying for more data than you need for your actual usage requirements. A SIM management platform can provide built-in tools to highly mitigate or even eliminate overage costs. Plans can be auto-upgraded mid-month to allow for more data or throughput as needed. And plans can automatically downgrade to a lower cost default plan as soon as the next billing cycle begins. 

Manage SIM Cards with Voyager SIM Management Platform 

Get the tools and utilize these 5 cost saving tips with Voyager, a SIM management platform by Datablaze. Voyager™ was developed with the purpose of saving companies from unnecessary wireless data costs and to provide an effortless way to manage every IoT SIM card subscription need for a single deployment or an entire enterprise. Contact us to learn more about SIM management. 

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