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VOYAGER™ SIM Management Platform

SIM Management

Activate, suspend, and cancel SIM's with ease.


View detailed usage per line and set usage limits and alerts.

Custom Profiles

Set profiles to allow specific countries or regions.

Throttling Control

Add or remove throttling on any SIM.

IoT connections made easy

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We have you covered from 2G to 4G/LTE! Get your project connected with a full solution. No need to chase down carriers and negotiate rates.

Live Usage Data and Statistics


Knowledge is power, right!? You’ll know exactly how much data each SIM uses. Regain control of your IoT deployments with VOYAGER™ from Datablaze.

All-Inclusive Solution

We have your full IoT connectivity solution. Stop paying for additional features, that’s just not cool!

Alerts and Throttling

Setup alerts for data usage. Set throttling on specific connections, and more.

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  • 1 SIM for worldwide coverage
  • Data plans for any application
  • VOYAGER™ SIM Management Platform
  • Easy billing for any industry
Connecting internet devices for thousands of customers in over 180 countries.
Connecting internet devices for thousands of customers in over 180 countries.

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