Is Your Current IoT Service Provider The Right Choice For Your Business?

So your business has already adopted Internet of Things? Congratulations!

Definitely, you must have realized the many benefits of IoT adoption. Among these include streamlined communication and business processes, improved automation and control, better surveillance, as well as increased efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, you must have realized IoT’s money- and time-saving benefits.

If you just completed your IoT rollout, you might be wondering why you should take time finding a good IoT platform.

Many businesses fail to realize that their IoT platform is as important as their IoT product. Your IoT service provider will help your business:

  • Cut development costs
  • Reduce risk
  • Speed up time-to-market
  • Reach product-market earlier

The IoT market is highly fragmented. Many leaders are emerging but there still exist many small vendors offering a wide range of incomprehensive products. This makes it difficult to find the right IoT platform for your business.

Below is a checklist to help you determine whether you chose the right IoT service provider.

Pain Point Focus

Does your IoT vendor understand the pain points of your industry well? It is a plus if they are experienced in your trade.

A vendor who understands your business understands your problems and their solutions. They might also aid you in legal compliance.

IoT Proficiency

Does your IoT vendor have the right understanding and experience in IoT? Remember IoT can be risky in various ways especially in terms of security and privacy.

Having invested in your IoT solution, you rely on your provider to administer the principal aspects of your IoT product. So they must be adept enough to grant your business security and privacy.

To determine if it is the right choice for your business, assess your IoT service provider’s competence based on its stability, reputation, financial performance, and track record.

Real-World Executions

Did your IoT vendor offer you case studies or proof of concepts? These are proof of the real-world implementations they have performed.

An IoT service provider that shows proof of their real-life experience is confident of their services. It is a clear answer that they are the right choice for your business.

Helpful Support Team

Your IoT service provider’s support team should be reachable round the clock.

Can you reach your IoT vendor’s support team via phone or live chat? Do they offer support tickets to resolve your issues promptly? If your answer is yes, then that is a good sign.

There you have it!

With these tips, it is easy to determine the right IoT service provider for your business.

Seeking to adopt IoT? Contact us to take you through the baby steps and walk you through the journey of realizing IoT profitability.

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