How Can IoT Help The Trucking Industry?

The trucking industry is one of the businesses that has benefited a lot from advancing technology. The Internet of Things has brought remarkable improvements in the transportation industry and trucking companies are now leveraging on this to boost the operation of their businesses.

So, what are the ways IoT has significantly impacted the trucking industry? Let’s get to the bottom of this to get a clear view of how IoT has unlocked more opportunities while enhancing operational efficiencies.

Improved truck monitoring

With a centralized network connecting parts of the truck and freight to the drivers, monitoring of the shipment has never been this easy.

Volume and proximity sensors give information on the available cargo space, while load sensors provide accurate loading specifications. These allow the shipping companies to maximize revenue generated for the cargo they are shipping. Others like humidity and Oxygen sensors ensure that products are delivered without spoilage.

Elaborate GPS tracking and sensor systems have also been put in place to provide accurate and real-time data on the location and condition (temperature, pressure, shock, humidity tilt, etc.) of the shipment.

Increased safety of drivers

To avoid road accidents caused by fatigue and loss of concentration due to long hours of driving, the use of an electronic logging device (ELD) limits the driving hours per day. This is made possible by IoT and helps drivers rest before embarking on a journey.

The ELD also guides drivers on the best routes to avoid traffic congestion while giving alerts on the real-time conditions to reduce the chances of accidents.

Fast and reliable services

Since the dispatcher and the receiver get the same logistic information, tracking and tracing of goods becomes fast and reliable. Estimation of the delivery time is more accurate hence proper understanding of the logistic processes and improvements necessary, especially for perishable goods.

Improved business profitability

There are different ways in which IoT can drive profitability in the trucking industry. Through a detailed delivery strategy, a company can cut on costs, eliminate delays, and reduce emissions.

With the IoT model integrated properly in the logistics sector, rerouting focus from technology to business processes brings more value and profitability.


Process automation is one of the critical aspects that IoT is currently revolving around. This feature has shaped several businesses across the globe and the trucking industry isn’t any different.

Adopting IoT technology can be a challenge especially for small and medium-sized trucking companies, but the benefits are much more rewarding in the long run.

As the world embraces the imperative digital revolution, trucking companies are finding a way to beat the odds of success while delivering value to their clients. IoT proves, not only as a sufficient but a necessary condition to meet the current market demands while staying afloat. Also, we welcome you to contact us to make the most of  IoT.


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