How Should You Manage IoT Solutions?

One of the more difficult tasks with IoT is being able to personalize it towards your specific needs and desires. IoT, if not properly managed, can be an overload. However, with our product, Voyager™ IoT Management, we offer a way of personalizing your business Internet of Things solutions & IoT management to fit into your plan exactly how you want it. Take control of your billing, data usage, and anything else you could ever need with IoT solutions.

What are your company’s goals? Now, with these goals in mind, let’s consider how IoT can help you achieve them! With Voyager™, you will be able to maximize the effectiveness of what IoT has to offer. Voyager™ IoT Management provides the most versatile, powerful system for managing data connections across any size deployment. Here is what it can do for you and your company:

Customized IoT

Every industry and company is different which means their intended uses of IoT will be different, therefore, with Voyager™ we allow you to personalize what information matters to you and how it will be presented. It can be daunting getting a large amount of data in real-time and trying to organize it in an efficient manner, so don’t do it! Let Voyager™ do it for you with an IoT management dashboard that offers a real-time, intelligent view of all your data connections in a personalized, user-friendly layout.

Real-Time Tracking

At-a-glance be able to understand your current and past usage. Organize live, real-time information while being able to manage solutions in a timely and effective manner. With Voyager™, you can manage your IoT solutions in real-time from anywhere. With a real-time view with Voyager™, you are able to upload/download usage by day or month, as well as, viewing connections based on plans. Easily identify and act on the highest data users in a matter of seconds.

Data to Billing Transparency

From data usage to current charges you have control over your connections at any time, from anywhere. With Voyager™ you have the ability to activate, suspend, or terminate connections in a timely and effective manner. As well, you are able to troubleshoot data connections, change call plans, and data optimization with Datablaze AI.


Voyager™ IoT management relieves the stress of calculating confusing data service invoices. With simple and accurate explanations of monthly charges and direct Excel Spreadsheet exports for custom calculations, Voyager™ IoT allows you to organize your personal billing information however you desire. Set priority for what matters to you with customizable labels and groups. Avoid guesswork with specific and detailed charges.

Geographic Connections

android gps tracking app

With Voyager™ IoT management of geographic connections is simple. Live GPS tracking on a vast range of products all integrated into one platform. Gather feature-rich reports that are selective location-based. Manage location history with animated playback. As well, receive GPS location alerting for real-time monitoring and management.

No matter your business or what your needs and goals are, Datablaze IoT can help. With Voyager™ IoT you can customize what information you get and how it’s presented. Real-time data with a real-time effect, covered throughout the world.

Shaping the Standard of IoT

Contact Datablaze and get a demo about what Voyager™ IoT Management can do for your business. Want instant GPS tracking for your IoT? Download the Datablaze IoT app.

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