ThingSense Sensor Kits: Smart Solutions for Healthcare

If you are an administrator in the healthcare industry, you likely know the Internet of Things (IoT) offers a world of possibilities. With a simple internet connection, ordinary medical devices can provide accurate and reliable diagnostic results in real-time — while being monitored remotely, no matter the setting. Here are a few advantages IoT offers healthcare professionals:

  • Enablement of remote care.
  • Insights into disease trends.
  • Collection of invaluable data that facilitates decision-making.
  • Improving patients’ control over their treatment

Improving Care with the Use of Sensors

In recent years, sensors have increasingly been used to facilitate health monitoring. According to Fierce Electronics, sensors help convert various forms of stimuli into reliable electrical signals that are analyzed to inform major medical decisions.

Different types of sensors have been developed for these purposes. They may be installed in a wide range of equipment while others are implanted in patients’ bodies. As a healthcare provider, integrating such sensors offers the following advantages:

  • Increased intelligence of basic medical equipment.
  • Remote monitoring of various health conditions.
  • Real-time, accurate, and reliable diagnostic results.

ThingSense: Easy, Reliable Monitoring

To make automated monitoring in the health sector easier and more reliable, IoT leader Datablaze developed ThingSense. Through ThingSense, Datablaze creates customized IoT sensor kits that meet the unique needs of healthcare professionals. Below are various features and benefits of these sensor kits.

Refrigeration Monitoring

In hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies, refrigeration is paramount. Appropriate temperatures must be maintained to ensure that drugs, blood, organs for transplant, vaccines, tissues, and serum are properly preserved. Climate-control systems and refrigeration equipment play a fundamental role in this task.

DataBlaze’s ThingSense Basic Refrigeration Kit allows you to monitor the humidity and temperatures inside a freezer or refrigerator. It only needs to be plugged in, and monitoring starts immediately. Benefits of this kit include:

  • Increased shelf-life of drugs.
  • Products won’t spoil due to poor storage.
  • Increased patient safety, as tissues, blood, and serums are stored in a well-monitored refrigerator.
  • Temperature control prevents spoilage and saves institutions money.

Air-Quality Monitoring

Managing air quality is a major challenges facing health organizations. Every day, hospitals experience pollution from pathogens, dust, and chemical compounds. Research points to indoor environmental quality as essential to protecting patients who may be vulnerable to acute respiratory illnesses and other chronic conditions.

The ThingSense Advanced Restaurant Kit is an effective solution for monitoring air quality. This technology enables you to remotely measure carbon dioxide, particulate matter, and total volatile organic compounds, among other various pollutants.

ThingSense Sensor Kit for Healthcare Solutions

Advantages of Datablaze Sensor Kits

Datablaze’s IoT technology offers an exceptional experience in health monitoring. Our sensor kits are easy to set up, and include the following:

If your healthcare environment would benefit from loss prevention, time savings, and compliance simplicity, contact us to schedule a demo.

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