ThingSense: Temperature Monitoring for Preventing Food Loss and Waste

In the refrigeration and freezing of food products, temperature control is serious business. The system is either successful — functioning correctly and effectively monitoring temperatures — or the system has failed, and product loss is imminent.

Outdated Methods of Measuring Temperature Aren’t Good Enough

Food processing, handling, and preparation can present multiple challenges on any given day, and temperature monitoring should not be one of them. That’s why the ideal system for measuring and tracking temperature will respond quickly to sudden changes. If there is an issue, such a system will identify it immediately so the problem can be addressed and food loss and waste can be prevented.

However, it has long been necessary to use analog temperature and humidity sensors to track and record data to ensure food is stored at safe temperatures and the correct humidity. This outdated method has several shortcomings.

  • It requires constant checking and manual recording to ensure safety and remain in compliance of certain regulations.
  • Human error in data collection and recording.
  • Depending on regulations, the temperature may be checked only every two hours, during which time a critical issue could result in loss and damage. Some regulations only require temperature checks twice a day, during which time loss and damage can be catastrophic to a business’s bottom line.

According to the United Nations’ 2019 State of Food and Agriculture report, food processors, transporters, retailers, and food service providers can increase their productivity by reducing food loss and waste. When less food is wasted, “suppliers have more to sell using the same amount of inputs while costs related to disposing of lost or wasted food decrease.” These suppliers may also improve their reputation for environmental stewardship and strengthen customer relations.

ThingSense Temperature Monitoring System by Datablaze

Get the Right Monitoring System for the Job

Whether you’re running a restaurant kitchen or storing frozen and refrigerated goods for sale, a reliable monitoring system provides much more than a readout of temperature. The ThingSense Refrigeration Kit is a wifi-enabled temperature monitoring system that is built to streamline business operations, improve efficiency, and prevent waste. Running on 4G wireless connectivity means a constant link to the internet that guarantees fast data collection and response time. With the ThingSense Refrigeration Kit, you are assured of:

  • Regulatory compliance with HACCP, CPC, and the EPA.
  • Continuous monitoring, which requires fewer resources to track temperatures.
  • Reduced human error and reduced risk of loss. The system sends instant text or email alerts if the temperature or humidity rises or falls outside the set range.
  • Peace of mind that comes with a responsive system from a trusted brand— which allows you to focus on the other important aspects of your work.

In food service, any steps that can be taken to simplify busy schedules and improve the bottom line are worth the effort. Schedule a demo with Datablaze today to learn how the ThingSense Refrigeration Kit can help streamline your processes, ease your workload, and reduce the risk of waste.

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