Datablaze Releases New Feature Enhancements to Voyager IoT Management Platform

BOISE  Datablaze LLC, a full Internet of Things (IoT) solution provider and IoT software developer, announced today new feature enhancements that have recently been added to the Voyager IoT management platformWith its users as the number one driving factor for new development, the team at Datablaze has expanded functionality of the multi-tenant features and enhanced the dashboard and reporting capabilitiesThese enhancements will help Voyager serve new markets as well as improve the user experience for existing customers. 

Tiered pricing is now available as a standard function of the existing multi-tenant feature where users can manage data plans and usage of their customers. This includes the ability to set up custom tiers with data usage thresholds. Within each tier it is possible to assign the tiered rate should the selected data plans exceed that data threshold. 

Within the multi-tenant feature the dashboard has been enhanced with new features as well. From the dashboard it is now possible to create invoices, apply payments, view estimated charges, and view subscriber details. A comparison chart of subscriber churn, activated versus deactivated SIMs, is also available within the multi-tenant dashboard. 

Intuitive reporting gives insight on each device’s data usage and functionality. Within the reporting section of Voyager, data can be grouped or filtered by column. To work with data outside of Voyager users can export reports as a spreadsheet-type file. All reports can be subscribed to for automatic emailing with optional start and stop dates. Furthermore, schedule the automatic delivery of reports to daily, weekly, monthly or specific days of the week or month. 

“Our vision at Datablaze is to put our customers’ needs first to empower their success and continue to expand the functionality of Voyager based on this principle,” said Cameron Powell, Chief Technology Officer of Datablaze. “Our inhouse development team continues to develop Voyager in a way that it will continue to evolve with the demands of IoT technology and provide cost-saving wireless connectivity solutions.” 

Voyager, developed by Datablaze, is an industry-leading tool recognized for its real-time IoT data dashboard, allowing for data connection determination, user identification, and a view of current and past wireless connectivity usage. It is also possible to manage IoT hardware deployed in the field, schedule alerts and notifications, get full location-based mapping and reporting, and even monitor sensors. 

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